Friday, 1 February 2008

A Wander Through The Web

Oh, oh, oh! Curses upon Vista! A slip of my finger and I navigated away from this page by mistake, and lost my whole post in the process! I had just finsihed an inventory of the websites and blogs that I read most often. I had mused upon how we must all have a different persepective of the internet, and how even one person may use it in different ways. It was a good post. And now, all gone! I think I shall have a cup of tea, regather and start again.

At work I use the internet a lot; we subscribe to a variety of websites such as Britannica, Times Online, Grove Dictionary of Art, and so on. It is a quickly accessed source of reliable information for me at work.

But at home, it is a different beast altogether. It is where I vist friends, purchase rather more books...and coathangers than I should, and read blogs. The blogs I read tend to be about craft, cooking, creating, or a combination.

Let's start with my homepage, through this, I found the lovely Tash at and also The first blog I ever found was and through her Apologies for the lack of punctuation, but the little .s and ,s seem to want to join onto the web addresses! I also enjoy who I am lucky enough to work with, and have been reading before she wrote her book, and having read her books, somehow enjoy it even more. I love to visit and have a beautiful flower hair barette made by Alicia. I stop off at who I met through taking part in a swap, and through her found My newest blog finds are and and a friend at work introduced me to

The list does not look as long as before, so I am quite sure I have missed some blogs off. Apologies if I have! As they come to me, I will add them on. Of course, I also like to visit the blogs of people who leave me comments on my blog.

Other websites I like to visit include amazon, ebay and the bbc. I buy my wool from and still visit even though we are married now. I like to go to and also and find tasty recipes at (the spring fish pie is delicious in particular)! Oh, and I like to visit for my Jane Austen fix.

I think that is it for now....except another musing, on how strange it is to think about something, or read something, or hear it, and then see that someone else has posted about it. Strange in a happy, serendipitous way though. It makes me feel in tune! I have been thinking about how it is citrus season, and how clever nature is to provide us with Vitamin C just when we need it most, and how I should really get some blood oranges when Yarnstorm posted about blood oranges. Just the nudge I needed to go and buy some! Delicious!

So, where are your favourite spaces on the web? To me, the internet is almost like a tea room, with pretty tablecloths and the clink of china and glass, where I talk about crafts and food and the seasons whilst chatting with friends. What is it like for you?

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Tania, The Candied Quince said...

How lovely to find my blog among your list of new finds! :)

I am enjoying poking through your postings. You are an excellent writer, and I completely share your love for good food and good books and good tea. And the nappy cake is beyond adorable.

I will be back!