Saturday, 5 January 2008

Unmarried Ladies, Look Away!

This little anecdote has just had my lovey Mum nearly crying with laughter on the phone, so I will share with you before I really do go off for my cup of tea.

Remember that lovely vintage book I found on Friday, 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall.....An Invitation To Beauty? I was reading through it, and it had some really quite modern ideas for the 50's (buy a juicer, ban hydrogenated fats. Until now I thought of juice bars as a modern thing), and then I came to a chapter all about how Eve can look after her Adam (authors words, not mine)!

When your Adam comes home from work, he will be tired and in need of reviving. Eve should greet him at the door with a glass of freshly juiced tomatoes, or carrot, and then offer him a Sitz bath.

A Sitz bath is three inches of cold water in the bath in which Adam must sit for three minutes, after which he will be quite revived.

And, now for the best part, and again, ladies of a sensitive disposition look away, if there is no time for a Stiz bath, I am to immerse Adam's testicles in a cup of iced water for three minutes instead!

Oh dear! Needless to say, poor dear Carl was none to enthusiastic, although he did think he could go for a glass of apple juice when he gets home!


Anita said...

Oh my!!

fairycakegirl said...

Oh that is soooooooo funny, I can imagine the look on my hubby's face if I suggest just that!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I have GOT to get a copy of this book.

Nita in South Carolina

tash said...

I'm given to believe it helps couple's get pregnant - but I can't say Mr. VP would be that willing to sit in an ice-bath! I can just imagine Carl's reaction!

A cup of tea and a slice of cake is definitely de rigeur in the VintagePretty household!

charisg said...

Oh, the picture this conjured up made me laugh out loud!not sure it is a way to encourage your loved one to come straight home-most men that I know would definitely make a detour to the pub rather than face iced water on their precious bits!