Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holiday Monday

An afternoon spent with a shawl around my shoulders, drinking tea by candlelight, searching the internet for some elusive shades of Country Style Double Knitting Wool with one eye on Poirot, listening to the pitter patter of rain on the window pane. It can only be a Bank Holiday Monday in England!

Last night, we had dinner with Carl's family, and afterwards his Mum announced she had a film for us to watch- Julie and Julia. I had read a bit of her blog at the time she was writing it, so I was really looking forward to seeing it. It was a lovely film on the whole, with some wonderful cinematic touches- Julie and Julia both using the same kind of Le Creuset casserole dish, and wearing tops which strongly echoed each other in some scenes. However the film was slightly hard work because I felt Meryl Streep really overacted in every scene...and I know that Julia Child really did talk like that, but my word her voice grated after a while!

It made me really miss blogging though....and I have missed it. I am not going to go too deeply into why I stopped, but I feel that it is time I was back. I had almost definitely decided to start again, when my lovely husband sat reading my blog, and pointed out how many visits it has had, and that there are that many people who probably don't come any more. I did think about starting a whole new blog, but I feel like this one still fits. I have been here a long while as well, and I hate the idea of walking away from it. So, here I am!

Some things have happpened since I was last here...I have a new job! I am still running my own dear little branch library, but I am now one of the managers at the flagship branch as well. I have only started that recently, and although it keeps me very busy, I love it. There are things which are less important, but which colour my day...we have started getting our milk delivered in the mornings, from a real proper milkman. I simply adore having the glass bottles in our fridge, and the ritual of washing them out ready to go back. Even the pressing in of the little foil hat to open it makes me smile! I have been crafting a lot...I have started a Top Secret Project (look away Carl, if you are reading this!) I am knitting a jumper! No chunky wool on big needles for me, but 4 ply on tiny is taking forever, but I think it is going to drape well. There is something really satisfying abotu working on something like this.

So, that is have you been?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I had almost given up.

I've always enjoyed your writings.

Enjoy your holiday.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are back! Your blog is one of my favorites and it always makes me happy when you have a new post.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mimi.....I thought you were never coming back...have missed you so much....I love coming to your blog with a huge mug of tea and enjoying every word you write. Please dont leave us again....Love Cookie

Yvonne said...

Mimi, I am so happy to see your latest post. I was worried about you. Reading your blog was like reading a "cosy" story and then it stopped. I so enjoy reading about what you are doing and about your library job since I'm a librarian myself and by the way we have the same birthday. Hopw yours was wonderful. Keep your blog going and I'll keep reading!
Yvonne an Indiana Librarian

Anonymous said...

Mimi, Was so glad to see new posts from you! It made my day. Ilove reading about your life and your books.So glad you are back.