Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Persephone Days

I have mentioned before how much I adore Persephone Books...everything from the soft dove grey of the covers, to the richness of the paper, and the font. Thats even before we get on to the stories! Today is what I think of as a Persephone Day. It is grey outside...the sky is the same dove grey as the covers, and it is saved from gloominess by sudden swathes of light as the clouds roll away. There is the slight sweet smell of rain to come hanging in the air, and when I think about breakfast, all I want are boiled eggs and soldiers, and a pot of tea. When the rain finally starts to spit, I spot the most beautiful umbrellas; the sudden flashes of colour from them as they bob along jauntily remind me of the unexpected brightness of the endpapers of Persephone books.

I can hardly believe that it is May and not only have we had rain today, we have had hail! And now it is evening, and I am settling down to watch Midsomer Murders, and I have half a mind to go and fetch a jumper or a blanket to snuggle under. Today has been a day of good things, little tasks ticked off. A nappy cake made for a friend who is going to a baby shower (photo to follow, probably Saturday or Sunday, along with 'how to'), another dear friend who is housebound by a problematic pregnancy has been visited, the fridge has been cleared out and reordered, a vegetable chickpea tikka masala has been cooked, and a cupcake has been knitted. My new red lipstick was worn, and a birthday present for my brother-in-law-to-be was bought. Hester Browne's new novel 'The Finishing Touches' was bought, and I have started reading it already. Little things, but pleasing. And now I am going to fetch that blanket as I am starting to shiver, and I shall decide whether to add a few rows to the jumper I am knitting (4ply yarn on tiny needles means that I seem to knit forever and never get very far) or start another character from the nativity scene I am knitting (yes, really and truly! Its a long story....perhaps one for another day!).

I hope that you are tucked up warm and having a lovely evening, and that tomorrow will bring us all some sunshine.


Dinah Soar said...

I LOVE Midsomer Murders. Must watch them on DVD since none of the stations I get are playing them here in the states. We have the first 10 sets/seasons. Will eventually buy more of them. And the chickpea tika masala sounds yum...I'm think Indian food is divine. Love your rainy day too...sounds cozy and nice.

Debbie said...

Belive it or not... I never watched Midsomer Murders.
Although now, since I read this
post, I`m quite curious to watch it.
We too are having rain around here.
And the central heating is back on, again!


Jackie said...

I have just finished reading through your entire blog, it did take a couple of weeks, and have loved every minute of it.

It's lovely to come across a new blog and have a block reading session, and I have now bookmarked several new blogs that you have mentioned, and also noted some books and films that sound interesting.

I hope you will be back soon.