Monday, 3 May 2010

The Ministry of Food

Some of our best adventures have been our most spontaneous ones, and this Saturday was no exception. On Friday evening, I took Carl a cup of tea while he was having his bath, and asked him if he could do anything with our Saturday, what would it be?

His answer, perhaps influenced by being in the bath was that he would like to see a submarine. We had a quick think, and decided that the Imperial War Museum was as good a place as any to go see one, and so we set forth on Saturday morning.

Now, a war museum doesn't sound that vintage or girly or, well, me....but I did have an ulterior motive up my polka-dotted sleeve! I happened to know that the Ministry of Food exhibition was on at none other than the Imperial War Museum!

We got to London in glorious sunshine, and wandered along the Southbank of the Thames together. Carl works ever so near there, so it was really lovely for me to see what he sees every day. Then we went round the Ministry of Food Exhibition, which I really enjoyed. I bought a great many postcards from the shop afterwards, which I have put up on my kitchen cupboards for inspiration. I find the idea of rationing and planning fasicinating, and quite inspirational. One thing that struck us looking round was how many of the ideas which are 'in' today are not new at all, but borrowed from earlier times. Things like growing your own, eating seasonally because there was no other choice, food made from scratch, meals planned ahead...while I would not want to go as far as living on the rations of WW2 (2 oz of tea a week?!?!) I do like the idea of making my lunchtime salad and grating a carrot into it because 'Dr Carrot' is beaming down at me from a Home Front postcard. If you find yourself in London with a few hours to spare, do go and take a look!

It is also worth wandering through the 'Children's War' exhibition while you are there...although it is very sad in places, there is some wonderful social history there, as well as a reproduction 1940s house for you to explore. I could have moved right in!

When we finally left the museum, it was pouring with rain, and before long my poor lovely ballet pumps were positiveley awash! Luckily we had brought brollys with us, but we were glad we had had most of our adventure in the sunshine.

Wherever you are, I hope that you had at least a little sunshine this weekend, and that you had a lovely bank holiday adventure whatever the weather.


Nita in South Carolina said...

Yay! You're back!

I am currently reading "Private Battles: Our Intimate Diaries" of WWII England, so I would have enjoyed seeing this exhibit.

Anonymous said...

We were able to visit the Imperial War Museum when we visited my MIL, 5.5 years ago. Our sons were 5 & 8 years old and they loved it. My husband & I loved it too.
I also read "Nella Last's war" (I don't think we've gotten "Housewife, 49" here in Canada yet) which was really interesting. I found it fascinating how creative she was with stretching out rations or making a wonderful meal out of "nothing". Or just applying that same way of thinking to housekeeping in general- thinking creatively to use what you have to serve other purposes.

Chris in Canada

Dinah Soar said...

So glad you're back. Those of us who love to read your posts will keep checking back, so no need really to start a new blog--unless you just want/need a new look/feel/change.

I know I would love the Ministry of Food exhibition. A bit too far though for me to come see, and since I don't fly the logistics would be a nightmare.

As always I really enjoy your posts. Reading about tea time and rainy days in England and adventures in London--so very nice and a huge treat for me.

I love Miss Marple, and Miss Read and the old codgers on Last of the Summer Wine. We have been buying the LSW series as the DVD's become available for our region here in the U.S. Your life has so many similarities and when you share it I get to enjoy it vicariously.