Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New Shoes!

When I mentioned that I squelched my way round London, did I mention that I really, really needed some new shoes as a result? Library work is surprisingly hard on your feet, and you really need comfortable shoes so that you can still be smiling by the time you stamp the last book out at the end of the day.

Now I have developed a terrible habit of buying cheap shoes, and it is one that I have been putting off breaking. You see, there are so many shops where you can buy a £10 pair of ballet pumps, even sparkly ballet pumps...but they just don't last. Having got into the habit though, it is scary to suddenly think about spending £30 or £40 on shoes. But, remembering that my Mum only ever bought me Clarke's shoes when I was a little girl, and knowing that she often had to scrimp to provide them, I took myself off there, and joy of joys, there was a sale on! So I danced out of the shop wearing a lovely new pair of shoes, for £30 instead of £40!

Proper shoes are a revelation...my feet feel cushioned and I felt much less tired than usual on the way home. Now, if they last longer than my cheap shoes did, I will try and keep this new habit up!
I have had a proper sort out of my shoe cupboard, thrown out everything that was tatty or pinched, and now have a small but presentable wardrobe of shoes. I have tucked some little lavender bags into some of them to keep them sweet. I once read a quote, I forget who by, which said that the world is full of people who think they can get away with wearing something one last time...and that they are wrong!
With this terrifying thought it mind, I shall have to take my eye to my wardrobe next! I do have a particular wardrobe fantasty...the crochet-covered hangers go without saying of course, and that it would be a proper Narnia style wardrobe. This idea came about from reading a scrumtpious book called 'Remedy' and the eponymous heroine wore 'uniforms' of her own devising to work. I love the idea of finding a dress pattern (perhaps a skirt and top instead, but really, a dress) that fits and flatters and is just me. Then I make it up in several different fabrics, so I have lots of different 'flavours' of the same outfit. Imagine how wonderful it would be, dressing for work, and not having to think about it hardly at all. We all have skirts which require a particular top, or a dress that needs a certain bra....but imagine just having to pick one thing out, perhaps choosing a few accessories, but in essence, just being able to dress in minutes.
I think I would be fairly heavily influenced by dresses and ideas from the 50s. If you are lucky enough to come across ladies magazines from the era, do seize them, as the ideas for dressing are just so inspiring and uplifting. In today's magazines, I notice a heavy influence on the negative, such as 'use this cream for getting rid of your wrinkles' or 'hide a big tummy with this belt'. In magazines from days gone by, you would instead read 'use this cream for a dewy-fresh complexion' or 'make the most of a tiny waist with this darling belt'. It is all so positive! There are always lovely ideas for using a brooch to pick up and echo some embroidery, or fancy buttons to make a focal point...sigh!
I wonder what your dream wardrobe would be like?
Oh, and before I go and slip into my bath and head for an early night (I will be up all night counting votes on election night, so I am hoarding my sleep before then), a big thank you to those of you who are still here, still reading me, and have been so welcoming. You make blogging so special, thank you!


Dinah Soar said...

Cute shoes! I love shoes but have a hard time finding comfortable ones. I look for performance shoes that wear and feel like an athletic shoe but look like a dress shoe. Merril is a brand here in the U.S. that meets my need. But they don't come cheap. With tax close to $100 a pair. But they do last a long time.

My favorite dress uniform is to have basic skirts/pants, and tops that can be worn under jackets. Lots of jackets for different seasons and styles. Jackets provide the variety, and the top and bottom are the core. I use black as my neutral base color. I vary the tops--usually solids--by color....but always have multiples of whites/creams. I throw in a print skirt or two which goes nicely with a solid jacket. Lots of mix and match possibilities. And those jackets hide a lot too..LOL. For hot weather I choose short sleeved, lightweight, unfitted styles.

For casual you can't beat a khaki pant--cream, olive-- with a white/cream top and a denim jacket. Works every time.

Anonymous said...

Love your new shoes Mimi....Love hearing about your adventures in London and your Library...Cookie