Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Peeking Up From Amongst The Packing Boxes!

Good morning!

I hope that you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying this rather breezy start to the beautiful month of May! I am writing from the bedroom this morning, as there is not a scrap of space left in the living room, despite the fact that we moved all three book cases and the books into our new home yesterday.

This morning I have to finish off my application form for the restructure at work, and then it is back on with packing and moving this afternoon! I can't decide where to start next though....we have storage space under our bed, so I could do that, or there is the wardrobe, airing cupboard, writing desk...my oh my!

We have done such a lot but there seems such a lot more to do. My comfort at the moment is the thought that by the time we have our next bank holiday, on May 30th, all this will be done and we will be living in our new home!

I have much to tell you about my Royal Wedding Tea Party (beautiful service, loved Kate's dress, did not like Pippa's dress!) and a recipe or two to share too...

But alas that must wait! I just wanted to drop in here to say hello, and then I can have writing a proper post as a treat for later on, after I have done my work!


Moey said...

Good luck with the move! Anxious to hear your menu for the tea party! Funny, I thought Pippa looked better than Kate. IMO Kate's dress was too boring, her hair should have been up and the bouquet was so tiny. I was disappointed.

Dinahsoar said...

Packing is a chore. The good part is that you can let your house work slide during the move, and the new place is being put together with everything perfectly in order and everything cleaned.

The hard part is that you have no place to 'be' that is not in a state of disarray in the interim.

But--when the transition is complete and the old place your past and the new place 'home' it feels so good--like a new adventure.

Hope your move goes well without too many bumps!