Friday, 13 January 2012

Red Sky In The Morning

Most of the time, I get on very well with just having a camera on my phone, although I do wish I understood how to get the photographs off of my phone and onto the computer, without having to get poor Carl to help me. Next time he shows me, I think I will make an instruction list!

We do have a digital camera, but it was bought back in 2001, so I rather suspect that my phone camera is far better! The times I wish that I understand photography and have a proper camera and know how to do all kinds of clever things with the photos are when I see beautifully illustrated blogs such as Attic 24 and Yarnstorm, but also mornings like yesterday, when I left home for work to find the sky was the most wonderful colour.

It was such a deep pink, with a single rent along it, as though the beauty was too much to be contained and had burst through, shining with a brilliant orange luminosity. I wish I could have captured it to share with you. I have seen wonderful sunsets or moonscapes, and tried to capture them on my camera, but somehow there doesn't seem to be a magic button that captures exactly what you are looking at. My wonderful huge moon turns out to be a little smudge in a sea of inky black. My panoramic sunrise turns out to be a bit of pink atop a picture of rooftops.

But the lucky thing is, is that there are other bloggers out there with wonderful photographing talents and clearly the equipment they need too! This post jogged my mind about the sunrise yesterday.

Seeing such a pretty morning sky was a lovely start to the day, although I couldn't help but think 'red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning'. It did rain a bit, so perhaps there is truth in the saying! The sunset was beautiful last night as well, and it struck me as funny that a single day could have both a red sky in the morning and evening. The weather reporter on radio 4 had just said that it will be cold for ten days, but settled, and actually, I am rather looking forward to it. There is something right about chilly weather in January. Time to make sure I have got marshmallows for the hot chocolate!

Wherever you are, I hope that last night's red sky brings you a shepherd's delight of a day!


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Debbie said...

Hello Mimi!
I read this post and then went straight to the kitchen to make a hot chocolate for myself and found the marshmallows were all gone! All was not lost however, as my darling grown up son offered to pop and out and get some for me, so I am just about to have it now, it just wouldn't be the same without marshmallows!