Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thank Heavens For Tea

Today is my last day off at home on my own before I go back to work (almost) full time. It is a strange kind of day, and all I can say is thank heavens for tea!

The sky is slate grey when I look out of the window, and yet the light is piercingly bright. Every now and again it rains, fine, very wet rain, and then the sky is blue again, but in the blink of an eye it is back to grey again.

I had to go to Brentwood for a meeting this morning, so I took my pink flowery rain coat and polka dot umbrella. I like travelling on the train, but not when you have to change trains half way through, as was the case today. I made it to Brentwood without incident, but the ten minute walk to the library took me half an hour in the pouring rain because the directions I had didn't seem to match the town at all. I ended up stopping kindly looking passers by and found my way like that.

Coming home was a different story though. I have no idea how it happened, but rather than ending up in Chelmsford, I found myself in Harold Wood! Which is, apparently, about the only train station not to sell tea and coffee and sandwiches! So I had to go back to Shenfield, then catch another train....and thankfully this time I got back to Chelmsford.

Somehow I feel really tired and drained by the entire experience. The meeting itself went well, but everything just felt out of kilter after getting the wrong train. I picked up a little shopping on the way home, and found the card machine was broken, so had to abandon my shopping at the till to go and get some cash...the ladies were lovely, but you know that feeling of will it never end?

Thank heavens then, for tea. I got home and made myself a pot. Not a pretty flowery pot today, but the comfortingly chunky blue tea pot, and to go with it my dark blue-and-white-starred cup and saucer, and the little pot bellied jug decorated with the Union Jack. Three strong cups of tea and an egg-and-cress sandwich later and I am starting to feel human again!

Although, also a little alarmed at how quickly the day is slipping away. I want a bath yet, and I have some washing up to do, and a menu plan to write and shop for, and I also want to start knitting the next animals in my Noah's Ark set (I think it will be the polar bears!)

This evening I will be going to bed early, with a candle for light, and Radio 4 in the background. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Oh, there is no comfort like a cup of tea in rainy weather. So cozy. I'm glad your day got better

Dinahsoar said...

Boy did you have a rough day. Growing up a girlfriend of mine oft said "mamma said there'd be days like this but she didn't say they'd all come at the same time". I've had days like this myself, and they are rough...and nothing beats a strong hot cup of tea and some comfort food. Tomorrow is a new day, clean slate. Thankfully these sort of days come in cycles with long spells of good days in between.