Friday, 6 July 2012

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Fridays it is hard to comprehend that it has really only been 3 months since I stopped working weekends, and whilst I do miss having a day off in the week, having two days off together is doing me so much good. And while I love waking up on a Saturday morning, knowing that the weekend is mine, I really love Fridays at work. I find that every day has its own distinct flavour and feel, but Fridays are just a little bit like the last day of term. Once a month we have dress down Friday, and I go in wearing my prettiest party dress. The lovely thing is that I am not looking forward to the weekend because I don't like work, I am lucky enough to love my job and the people I work with, it is just that sense of a rest and then another week ahead.
Donut Peaches which I have also seen called 'flat peaches'. A few years ago they were the new thing in shops such as Marks and Spencer and Waitrose, and as such were rather pricey. Luckily they are a bit more commonplace now, and I picked up a punnet packed with peaches for just £1 on the market greengrocers stall yesterday. I have just finished the last one (I did share!) and they were delicious, so juicy, and so full of flavour.
Tea with friends I enjoyed a pot of ceylon tea whilst catching up with a friend I have not seen for a while on Tuesday morning in the Small Talk Tea Rooms in Chelmsford. It really is like a little dolls house in there, and we were their first customers of the day, lined up outside ready for when the clock struck nine! Wednesday evening I shared a pot of Sunshine Earl Grey with another dear friend. Both of us had had slightly fraught days, but over the steaming pot and fragrant tea both of us felt better.
The Colour Red has always been a favourite of mine to wear, and today I wore my favourite red dress from Dorothy Perkins, and Ruby Woo red lipstick. I always have an extra spring in my step when I wear red.
Favourite recipes Carl was going to be late home from work again last night, so I asked him what he really fancied for dinner as a treat. He said pork chops, so I made my tarragon pork chops which I haven't made for a while, and remembered how lovely it is - quick and easy, and really delicious. (Sprinkle your pork chops with tarragon, pan fry until nearly cooked through, turning often, then pour over a little single cream, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Bubble away then serve).
Slowly getting to grips with technology I always said I would never twitter or tweet, but I am slowly embracing it. Last night when I was watching Question Time, I followed the tweets at the same time for the first time. I thought back to when I used to watch programmes as a little girl, and you could send away a stamped addressed envelope for a free factsheet, with recipes etc on it. Now on one hand I do think the instantaneous nature of technology is amazing...but I do have a little yearning for factsheets too! So those are a few of my favourite things this evening...what are yours?

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Dinahsoar said...

Lovely things all.

Tarragon is a favorite herb of mine. I will be sure to try your pork chop recipe/method.

Good bread--the kind that has such heft it takes all the muscle you have to slice it and when toasted it is chewy with crunchy crust and quite delicious with only butter and jam.

Old nostalgic movies and TV programs that include the old commercials--I have a few DVD's that do and I love the old commercials as much as the program.

Christmas, Halloween, autumn, a snowy day with steamy windows, me in the house all comfy and cozy with naught to do but what my heart desires.....

And many more! But I will stop with those, off the top of my head.