Saturday, 13 May 2006

A Day of Bliss

Perhaps I should really blog more about my day to day life- all the things that everyone does, the washing up (I have a glass olive oil bottle filled with bright green fairy liquid!), the making of the beds, and so on. It seems to me that my posts are mainly concerned with the froth, frills and fripperies of my life.

Perhaps next week I shall devote some posts to my housework routines, or better than that, tea- after all, this blog is meant to be *about* little sips of tea! But for today, a little sip of the loveliness that was Friday...

Dear Carl took me into Maldon when he went to work so I could spend the day with Mum. We left just before seven (he starts work at eight) and the air was fresh, misty, and quite beautiful. After several cups of tea (which we had to make using a saucepan for water- I was the kiss of death to their kettle!) we decided to spend the day having a gentle wander about the town rather than going further afield. We popped into a charity shop, and both stopped, dead at the same time. At the counter, they had the remains of a once glorious tea set. It was swirly bone china, from the twenties; from a distance it looked green, but close to it was painted with tiny forget-me-nots. All that has survived were six tea cups, twelve saucers, five plates, a milk jug and a bowl. All for £5! Oh, we wanted it! But we both reasoned that we had nowhere to put it. (How many oflife'ss problems would be solved with more storage!) And we didn't need any more tea things. And so on. But it was £5. And it was, quite, quite beautiful. So we said we would wander for ten minutes and come back. Literally two steps down the road, and I said 'we could split it between us...then we would not need to find lots of storage space....' and back we were in the shop before the lady could have blinked her eyes!

My other buy was in Peacocks-a simple white cotton dress. For a long time now, I have wanted some casual clothes that are nice enough to open the door in, so I can go home from work, and change out of work clothes, and be at home, and feel at home. Now as we dress smartly but casually at the library, a lot of the clothes I would wear to work I would also wear at the weekend- but these dresses were only £12 each, so I bought one just for changing into in the evenings after work.

Somewhere along our meander, we sat with iced coffee outside my favourite cafe, The Continental Coffee Company. There was a glorious hanging basket of pansies- dark purple, pale lilac, with a tiny point of white in the very centre. And everywhere we went, we saw trees and trees of wonderful, delicious lilacs.

Mum also found me out a lovely knitting pattern that she had bought when she was about my age to make for Gran. It is for a 'Gossamer-Light Lacy Bed-Wrap Knitted All In One And Tied With A Bow' which I am going to cast on in my tea break in about half an hour.

When I checked my email, I found lovely Amber has sent me the very first Scrumptious Scribble! So exciting! And when I got home, I found a £5 gift voucher from Nivea...all in all, a pretty blissful day.

May all of you enjoy an equally blissful weekend.


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ms*robyn said...

oh my, I haven't even finished reading the post, but I just had to say - I am SO glad you went back and bought that set. - off to read the rest of the post !