Tuesday, 9 May 2006

A Shaky Little Ramble

I hope you won’t mind me sharing my shaky little ramble with you all. Somehow to me, there are some thoughts that seem more validated, once they are committed in some way.

That interview I mentioned a while ago, that I thought had gone so well- it turns out it went better than I thought. I was offered and accepted the job yesterday. So instead of being a Senior Library Assistant, I shall be an Enquiry Officer instead. What this means in essence is that I shall be doing a lot more enquiry work, and not be so involved with issuing and circulation the stock.

I feel curiously flat though. Perhaps because the interview process was accompanied by what seemed like a hundred forms, and that I had to produce birth certificates and so on as well?

I am sure that I will perk up again soon and be enthused about it. But just for now, I feel a bit wobbly.

I have also noticed, that several amongst the circle of friends on the internet who I visit, have expressed a need for a little time out while they recuperate a bit. I wonder, if we need to spring clean ourselves? While I swing into action with my pink feather duster for the Brocante Home Seasonal Scrub, I perhaps forget myself a little bit.

So, I declare that the rest of the month of May (and beyond!) shall be dedicated to Seasonal Scrubbing ourselves. Pampering a bit, making sure we get enough vegetables and fruit in our systems, not to feel virtuous or to slim, but because it is good for us, and will make us feel better. Finding some relaxing music to listen to as we go to sleep; buying a little bottle of peppermint foot cream to massage ourselves with. Whatever little steps we can take, to make a little peace with ourselves.


VintagePretty said...

Congratulations, well done on the new job!

Heaven only knows most people seem to need something right now - this often happens, people get burnt out and need some time off to recouperate. I definitely could do with the same from the wedding perspective!

Thanks so much for the offer of help with the wedding, it's so kind of you! At the moment, apart from the shoes, wedding favours and people's RSVPs it's all sorted (I think - and hope!).

One thing though, you seem to have inimitable style and a flair for clothing (at least I picked that up from your posts) - would you happen to know of any shoes that would go well with a 1920's-style high-waisted dress. Hopefully cool (as it'll be midsummer) and hopefully low or no-heeled. Any ideas? It's a dark aubergine, almost black in colour, and ends mid-calf! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Any ideas for wedding favours too (or is that just being cheeky? hehe)?

Flossy said...

Congratulations on the new job!

I agree that we should take time out to pamper ourselves - a wonderful idea :) Life gets so hectic at times, and we forget to take care of ourselves, and yet if we don't, we can't look after those we love...