Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Upon Spontaneous Pleasures

Now I come to think upon it, perhaps it is age, perhaps it is something indefinable, but I just don't think that I am as spontaneous as I used to be.

Once upon a time, I doodled away and designed a pretty little thing that I thought I would like to get tatooed on me, one day. (A beautiful rose, and 'carpe diem' to remind me to always gather my rosebuds while I may) well within a few days, I had it done! (It is hidden away on my ribs where no one can see- it was just for me. On those days when the devil is inside me, it does delight me to casually mention it, and see jaws drop. I am not at all a tattoo person, you see)

So Thursday, during the blissful weather, I was checking the weather forecast and saw that the weekend was due to be rainy and stormy. Dear Carl and I had planned a picnic for Saturday, and I was sad for a moment. Then I suddenly thought 'carpe diem'~ and seized the moment. I booked an hours leave to go home early and prepare, emailed Carl and told him to meet me at home when he was finished work, and off I went to prepare a picnic.

We took my gorgeous wicker hamper (it has two little cups and plates, cutlery, and even a corkscrew!) filled with prawns to peel, soft bread and butter, pepper boursin, a salad, strawberries and gin and tonic. We sat out on a rug in the park opposite where we live, and the birds sang, and a squirrel came and stared at us. It was bliss....spontaneous bliss.

So my two lessons for the day - be more spontaneous, more often; and to update my blog more often so I can share the results with you.

I have just finished reading 'Pride and Presience' by Carrie Bebris - a delightful little novel, featuring the newly married Mr and Mrs Darcy who find themselves in the middle of a mystery to solve...

Also, I am finally organized and am going to be emailing people about Scrumptious Scribblings in the next ten minutes. If you would still like to be involved, or know someone who might be, do just give me an email at scrumptiouscribblings@yahoo.com

Enjoy splashing through the puddles!



ms*robyn said...

that picnic sounds just divine! ahh, you are going to have a wonderful life together xoxo

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