Saturday, 27 May 2006

A Day of Unutterable Bliss

Well, really it was utterable bliss, as I am going to utter about it forthwith!

Last Friday (see how long it is since I updated? It is my goal this month to blog more regularly, rather than be away for a while, then post several at once to catch up) my friend Lisa and I had a day out- a day off work, to do blissful things.

We went first to Blake House Craft Centre, where we wandered about the barns, each filled with fabrics, or antiques, or craft items. All the owners were so friendly- I bought a beautiful hardback book which is going to be my record of things I have made book; also a paper doll with regency paper clothes (just waiting for a rainy Sunday afternoon in which to watch Pride and Prejudice again, and snip out the little doll!); also a wonderful art deco plate, and a bottle of seville orange jigger. We had morning tea in the barn like restaurant- the scones were still warm from the oven, which was bliss. I dont know how many of you live anywhere near here, but be assured it is very much worth a visit.

Particularly if you move on to the nearby Gardens of Eastern Lodge in the afternoon, as we did. Oh, the bliss, the bliss! It is a private house who open their gardens Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We knew it would be wonderful when we paid to get in using an honesty box, and then found a note pinned to a tree saying 'Please Feel Free To Roam'- and roam we did! There was a long sweep of lawn down to a lake; a marvellous swing on a tree, which had such a long, graceful curve; a sunken Italian garden; a pond with ducks, and so much more. We followed a sign saying 'Teas' (how could we not?) and found ourselves in the kitchen belonging to the owner. She poured us tea and coffee, cut us a slice each of the lightest, most delicious maple syrup and coffee cake with hazelnuts, and then asked if we would like to take tea in the conservatory. As it had started to spit, and the conservatory was filled with delightful slightly overgrown plants, we said yes please. She replied that she would just 'shoo the peacock out' and in we went! The regal peacock came back to accompany us and show off his tail feathers, and it felt like sitting in a dream.

When it started to rain, we took a final turn around the gardens, and then home. But the day did not end there, oh no! We went with dear Carl to Cafe Rouge for dinner, and then to see the Da Vinci Code, which, for the record, is thoroughly entertaining. (But how, how could anyone believe it to be true?! A good story yes, but a story nonetheless!)

It really was one of those lovely, perfect days.


~ Tracy ~ said...

Sounds like a lovely day! :D

Daisy Lupin said...

That sounds like a perfect day, isn't it wonderful to be able to have that sort of a day to share with a friend? I have a day planned in just over a week with one of my friends, as it is her birthday and we are going to go to some plant nurseries and then on for afternoon tea somewhere where there are some delightful sinful cakes to eat as birthday cake.