Friday, 5 October 2007

I Forgot The Caterpillars!

Deary me, how could I do such a thing? But I meant to tell you that on my walk into work yesterday, there were conker cases fallen on the ground, and they looked for all the world like great big fat spikey green caterpillars!

My walk into work this morning was half an hour earlier due to my early-friday-start, and it was the first real-and-proper-and-not-just-me-wishing-for-it-and-imagining-it-to-be-so autumn morning! It was cool, much cooler than it has been, and the light was bright and hazy, and all the colours slightly muted as it is when it is cooler. Quite beautiful. The light and shadows through the tree branches falling onto the leaves on the grass in the park made me wish I am better at painting. But at least it is all there to be breathed in, enjoyed, and framed in the mind forever.

Now I think this post is going to be one of those rummage-in-the-biscuit-tin jumbly sort of posts, but as long as you have a cup of tea to hand, I hope you will forgive me! I wish I had you here with me so I could offer you a biscuit, perhaps even a still-warm madeleine, to say thank you for the lovely comments you leave for me. To know that people out there choose to spend a few minutes of their day to visit me and read me, and enjoy it, that really makes my day. I don't think blogger has a way of counting how many of you visit me, so it is only when I read your kind comments that I know for sure I am not alone here! So really, thank you all!

I did manage to pick a Christmas Cake recipe the other evening. I was trying to choose between a Jamaican Rum Cake recipe I had found in a library book, Nigel Slaters cake from 'Kitchen Diaries', the new gingery recipe from this month's Good Food magazine, and Nigella's chocolate fruit cake that she made during her Christmas mini-series last year.

The gingery cake won! It sounded really nice- light and moist- and has a recipe for zesty orange marzipan to complement it. I got the dried fruit at lunch time, and I am going to steep it in ginger wine tomorrow, then make my cake on Sunday.

I love this time of year, the planning, the happy secrets, the mysterious parcels, the notebooks of lists, and pleasures anticipated.

I am really looking forward to a snuggly weekend. The plumber is coming (after three weeks!) to mend our shower. Although it has been wonderful to have so many scrumptious baths, washing my hair is so difficult as I just can't get water in my ears. He is to visit nice and early, leaving me plenty of time for puttering about, watching 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg' on dvd, steeping my Christmas cake fruits in ginger wine, and maybe doing a little light baking.

Dear Carl and I are hosting 'brunch club' for our friends in a few weeks. I am going to be thinking about my menu for that as well. Our theme is 'Autumn' and I am going to serve an oven baked sage and pumpkin risotto, pea and parmesan risotto, and carrot, red lentil and cumin soup. For dessert I am planning baked chocolate and frangelico pancakes. To drink there will be cider or apple juice, and I am thinking about making some marzipan and chocolate acorns to hand round with coffee. Oh, I just love having people visit!

Now, I am off for some visits of my own, to my favourite blogs!


tash said...

The cake sounds wonderful, the first is made, the second will be made a bit later into the month. The first is the Proper Christmas Cake, the one which I have to make for taste, sentimental and Christmas reasons and will be consumed in mid-December, the other one will be a different recipe and will be available for eating in mid-November, so that anyone who visits may have a little slice of Christmas to go home with!

Good luck with the plumber! If only I could come to your brunch club it sounds delightful.

a pink-bee said...

Your posts are always such a delight to read. :)
Your cake making for Christmas, sounds perfect :) I need to get in my tiny kitchen and use my wooden spoons and make some wonderful things for Christmas. Have been thinking of giving canned cakes a try. Have a Happy fall weekend.

Flossy said...

Mimi, when are you going to write a book?

I love the way you write and I promise to buy your book when it's publishd!

I read your blog often, but usually I just lurk quietly...

Anita said...

The ginger cake sounds amazing! We are having our first close-to-autumn-weather day today.. It's my favorite season!

Chris said...

I second Flossy's comment! I've been reading your blog for a while now and always enjoy it.