Monday, 22 October 2007


Why must it be that when I have the means and inclination to shop, the object of my desire eludes me? It being payday, I decided that I will take my cue from nature, and turn over a new leaf when it comes to my underwear drawer. I was going to cast out almost everything, and purchase two or three sensible bras (oh I do love frivolous undies, but what I really need is a bra I can put on under a t-shirt or little jumper and not have the embroidery, lace and fripperies showing through!) some knickers to go with said bras, and an abundance of tights so I am not forever rummaging for a pair without a ladder. Although I keep a collection of shoes under my desk (all sky-high heels, peep toes, some with bows, all utterly unsensible!) I wear ballet pumps for walking to-and-from work, and most of my away-from-work life. So, a new pair of these was in order, too. Full of thoughts of an abundant underwear drawer, I set off on my lunch hour, full of anticipation.

But sometimes, it just isn’t going to go your way. There were lots of sensible bras that I liked, but only two in my size, so it was those two I had to have. There were others I liked more, and these will do….but it takes the fun out of the choice when the choice is ‘this…or nothing’! The shoes were successful…I managed to get exact replacements for the ones I was wearing. I like my play shoes to be varied, but once I find a comfortable pair for everyday, I want to stick with them! And the tights, alas, were a complete no-go. There is only one shop in town that sells tights that fit me (no sagging, wrinkling, or inching down during the day) and I like the shade ‘natural’ and take size 1. They had none on the shelves, and none in the stockroom. And, had no idea when they would get a new delivery. And no size 1 tights in thick black opaque to keep me warm under my jumper dresses.

I felt pretty vexed on the way back to work, until I remembered what I had waiting for me for lunch! Nothing soothes the soul quite like a bowl of home-made carrot, cumin and lentil soup, with home-made sourdough bread. The soup I can take credit for, and give you the recipe for, but the sourdough bread was made by a sweet friend who visited for brunch club yesterday. The soup and bread together were really quite delicious. Sourdough bread is something I am going to try my hand at one evening. Nestled in my handbag is one more culinary treat, waiting for afternoon tea break- a drum of peppermint hot chocolate powder from Whittards. Bliss!

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Anonymous said...

The food sounds perfect, compensation for a failed shopping trip!
Hope you enjoyed your soup and bread.
Byr for now