Monday, 22 October 2007

Loving Homes Wanted...

I have some beautiful Vintage Stitchcraft Magazines~Beautiful little magazines with lovely colour covers, patterns for all manner of knitting and crochet and stitching. Fabulous 40's fashion, wartime advice, adverts and more

Jan 1943- Blackout material apron, bookends, slippers & more.

Mar 1943-Dig For Victory Belt, jumper, socks, baby clothes & more.

Nov 1942-Underwear, hot water bottle, stockings & more.

Jun-Jul 1944-Summer jumper, sunsuit, sandals & more

Feb-Mar 1945 (cover loose)Gloves, pinafore, tablemats & more.

They need loving homes as I am running out of space in my little flat! Would any of you care to take them off of my hands? Would £1.50 each be to much to ask?

If you fancy giving them some bookshelf space, leave me a comment with your email address and which magazine you fancy and I will email you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi, I just discovered your blog last week end and I love it! Will you be posting the recipe for the Carrot, cumin and lentil soup anytime soon? It sounds delicious. By the way, your writing is lovely. Sincerely, Kathy in Colorado,USA