Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Natures Jewellery Box of Wonders

It is another grey, wet, drizzly day here. But oh, what a scrumptious walk into work I had, anyway. Perhaps it was a good thing that I did not realise it was raining until I stepped out of my door, or maybe I would not have been as receptive to it being a lovely day!

I hurried into my pink flowery raincoat, put up my favourite purple umbrolly, and set off for the library. The first thing that took my breath away was a spiders web. It was just opposite what has been a builders site for the last year, and it was caught in the spokes of a bare twig. Where it had been raining, every strand of web was shimmering, alive, highlighted and glistening, and it looked like the most precious necklace imaginable.

Then, a few minutes and splashes further down the road, amongst a background of gloriously sludgy greenery were the most acidic orange berries possible. I could swear that they were not there yesterday, although they must have been, but tiny as they are, they just command your attention as you walk by.

The walk was paved with fallen leaves all so many hughes, but just past the school there were some that were the most beautiful yellow. They reminded me of a ripe pear, somehow.

Walking through the park was special too, all the trees were dripping, and all the colours were faintly hazy. Even the ducks thought it too wet, as one scurried across the path ahead of me looking most disgruntled!

It seems to have stopped now, so I am going to take home with me the most delicious library book that arrived for me this morning-'Christmas Crafts' isbn 9781905825332 it is Scandinavian, and utterly lovely. It has a whole chapter on Christmas cakes, so tonight I am going to settle into bed early with a steaming cup of tea, this book and my other Christmas recipe books, and choose which cake I shall make this year.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love your writing! We're having a very rainy day here too, but I don't have a pink raincoat - wish I did.

I so look forward to your posts. I enjoy your joy in your life.

Nita in SC

tash said...

It's been a marvellous Autumn start for us up here, bright sunshine and the beginnings of leaves falling. Heaven!

Anonymous said...

I love looking through my christmas books, it feels so cosy! Hope you enjoyed yourself!