Friday, 7 December 2007

And Now (Well, Soon) In Glorious Technicolour

It was a full two hours after he came home last night that my lovely husband decided to tell me the happy news. At last! He has phoned up the good people at Virgin Media, and as of the 17th December, we will have the internet (as well as a land line telephone and cable tv!) at home!

I could not be more pleased, because as well as all the useul things like being able to order the groceries from home, I will be able to plug in our digital camera and share pictures with you!

I do try as hard as I can to paint with words here, but I do long to be able to share pictures too. I think it is something that has been missing from my blog. I can't wait to show you little corners of my home, such as my flower pot that holds my knitting needles, or my chamberstick that is all draped with beads. I can show you my red shoes and my little finds. All in glorious technicolour!

The first thing I will post is a photograph of my Christmas cake that I iced this afternoon with my Mum. I have it on my glass cake stand, and I have made the icing stand up in little peaks. I have sprinkled edible glitter over the surface so it shimmers and glimmers as it catches the light; there are two trees, and a deer. Finally I scattered about some little silver balls before declaring it 'done'.

I wish I could share a slice with you over a nice cup of tea while we talk of Christmasses past. I hope this weekend sees you caught up in some scrumptious piece of Christmas. I have done the work of writing out my cards, and have the decorating of the tree to look forward to. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, make time for a cup of tea and think about the happy memories that you want to create this year.


Kristen said...

Hi, Mimi. It will be wonderful to see your photographs, but I have to say that, after finding you about a month ago, I've been so enchanted with your words that I didn't even notice you never included any pictures. You have a talent for bringing your thoughts to life with nothing but words and crafting beautiful images in the reader's mind that linger long after the browser's been closed.

Anonymous said...

You DO have a wonderful way of painting pictures with your words, but it will be exciting to see photos too!
Chris in Canada

Anita said...

How exciting! Pictures would be wonderful... :)
Your cake sounds lovely... said...

WooHoo! I'm so glad you'll be able to blog at funny times, too - and share lovely photos of your walks to and from work. I can't wait! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you'll be posting pictures! I definitely want to see "My Walk to Work" at least once a week or so!
Nita in SC