Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Thank You

You know, just posting about my family troubles made me feel better. But your so very kind comments, thoughts and prayers have really helped too.

I have just typed a post about how Dad is, the ups, the downs, the confusion of feelings, and despite it all, the Christmas that we had, but it just doesn't flow well. Perhaps it is too soon? I have to go to work tomorrow. I am dreading it, because I will need to tell people. I am not ashamed, just worried, because when people are kind, and I am already feeling a litte fragile, it is too much to bare.

Although it was a little sad, visiting the hospital on Christmas day (too many people without visitors) it was lovely to see Dad, and we did have a day that had glimmers of loveliness in it. Hugs shared. Tree lights twinkling. A promise of afternoon tea at Claridges to come. Blinking awake and realising that it is Christmas Day. Cups of tea, and Mum's sage and onion stuffing.

I hope you all had scrumptious Christmasses. I will be back tomorrow, with a recipe for a lemon birthday cake that was just heavenly. A little thank you for your support and kind words. I just wish you could all be here now so I could offer you a slice still warm from my oven.


a pink-bee said...

A bittersweet Christmas for sure, so nice that you visited your Dad, am sure it must have been a comfort to him, hope he gets better each day, and next Christmas is home with the ones who love him. :)
Wish I was there to share a slice of the yummy, cake. Will make it for sure!
thoughts and prayers,

Anita said...

You and your family are still in my prayers...
Looking forward to the cake recipe!

Best wishes for 2008!