Sunday, 16 December 2007

A Taste of Things To Come

I am sitting in the glow of a Christmas tree while delicious cooking smells waft in from the kitchen. We are visiting dear Carl's parents, and while he is checking that dinner is not burning, I have availed myself of the wireless internet connection and laptop!

I wanted to show you this...and give you a taste of things to come! Thank you all for your lovely comments, so kind of you. Tomorrow we should be all hooked up at home, and I will be able to share pictures more often. This was meant to go with a post I called 'a walk along my bookcase' or something similar.

I hope you have all had scrumptious weekends. It is so cold here, but the haze in the air seems touched with magic to me. Christmas is coming. A lot of gifts have been made, cards written, and although there is still much to do.....there is that magic in the air!


a pink-bee said...

Oh what a sweet picture ! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, can't wait to hear about the Christmas gifts you are making :)

Anita said...

lovely! I love your books... And is the lady in the picture a relative? Old photos are so wonderful...

Anonymous said...

YAY, pictures! Can't wait to see more. I so enjoy checking your blog and seeing what you are up to! Someday I will save enough pennies to visit England.
Nita in SC
PS Definitely want to see a picture of the shoes under your desk :) said...

Are those Sweet Williams? I love the colour and smell of Sweet Williams - my husband buys those and freesias for me :)

I'm so excited that you've got an internet connection at home now - it'll be like seeing a snapshot of your world that you've described so well for so long!