Friday, 14 December 2007

Putting on the Glitz Tonight

Tonight, 30 of us from work are going for Christmas dinner. I am bit nervous as I have organized it- although we all voted on where we wanted to go and when, I still feel responsible for it! I am working today, and didn’t really want to get changed in the toilet before going out, so I have come to work in my outfit for tonight and will just tweak my makeup before I go.

I am wearing a black skirt and my favourite cardigan- chocolate brown, scoop necked, with a scattering of tiny brown sequins around the neckline. It looks prettier than it sounds, I promise! And because I have a big meeting today, and like to feel confident, I have added a pair of my Shoes From Under My Desk. I must have mentioned these before? Big high heels that are impractical to walk to work in, and are not something I would wear when I am with Carl because although we are both short, I am a little less short than he. Anyway, todays shoes are peep toes, high heels, leopard print! So bad they are glorious!

Before I go out this evening, I shall put on some gold eyeshadow, a flick of gold eyeliner and lots of mascara. I like having fluttery eyes.

As I was pondering what to wear today, I started thinking about styles and colours and signatures. A long time ago, over at the ever wonderful I wrote a ‘Mimi Says’ piece about creating a signature style. And while I think it is important that we all have one, it does need to come about naturally and cannot be forced. It is something you evolve into, almost. Now a year or so ago, I went shopping with two dear friends who are both lovely, and have definite signature colours. One is drawn to (and looks fabulous in) shades of green, whilst the other is a blue girl. As for me, I felt a little lost. I had a strong sense of what I like (and still do) but there did not seem to be much theme or signature going on. I liked pinks, reds, lilacs, purples.

Recently it has started to click for me though. The last few things I have bought have been red, or red and black. I have painted my lips with red lipstick that makes me feel great and I get a lot of comments on. I have red shoes, and when I paint my nails red they make me smile. I am beginning to think that red is my thing, and for those quieter days, or days when I need a change, then it is brown. Brown seems to go with my colouring well. Today, as I mentioned, I have on my brown sparkly cardi, and leopard heels. It feels good to be growing into myself.

Christmas is only 11 days away, and I am going to be spending this weekend crafting presents for my work friends. I will share after the weekend, as some of them read this! Already my thoughts are drifting beyond Christmas to the new year, waiting fresh and crisp for us. I think it is because I have been filling in some appointments in my new diary. My mind is turning to new beginnings, and the most scrumptious year ever. I am starting to think of things that I shall have as my targets for the new year. I don’t like to make resolutions, as they always seem to be things like ‘I must not’ or ‘I will stop’. I would rather say I will eat an extra piece of fruit each day than loose weight, or better still, learn to mix a new cocktail, or something else equally lovely.

But no, Santa’s workshop must come first. And so I turn my mind to a weekend of crafting in my pyjamas, peppermint hot chocolate drank from Santa Mugs, and parcelling up goodies to send on their way.

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Midori said...

Your signature is surely 'glamourous' - you always look lovely.