Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Best Headache Cure, Ever

Today, my head pounds. I feel cranky. I blame the late, fraught night I had last night. You know when you are so very, very tired, but you are too overwrought and shaken-up-and-down-inside to sleep? Because you wrote Christmas Cards for five and a half straight hours, then battled round Tesco, where you do not like to shop, spent more than you meant to, and still forgot things? Then you also couldn’t sleep because your husband was sorting out the recycling and rubbish to go out, with the kind idea that it would help, but really just makes you feel like you should have done that but DIDN’T. Well, that was last night, and today my head pounds.

But I have found a cure. The company of lovely friends who let you rage at them over people say they are looking for something, when they mean: look for me. And most delicious of all, a Hot Chocolate Milano from Café Nero, and a buttery jacket potato with prawns. And a new library book.

After that, my head is still pounding, but a little less. And I don’t feel quite so jangly now.

1 comment: said...

It sounds like a really good way to cure a headache. I had a really bad one on Friday and just laying down and falling asleep with my Mum on the sofa seemed to do the trick. Gosh this week is set to be a bit stressful - wish me luck!