Thursday, 3 April 2008

As Good As My Word!

Well good morning everyone! I am curled up on the sofa this morning with all the windows open so I have a beautiful breeze drifting through the flat, and have my favourite flowery mug at my side. This morning, however, it is not filled with tea but lemsip, for I have a blocked up nose and a groggy head this morning. I am quite cheery though, and most of that is down to all the lovely comments you have so kindly left since last night! I was so worried that I had been away too long and there would be nobody here any more!

In answer to some questions, my birthday was on Sunday, and an Oxfam shop is a thrift shop, and the money they make goes to help third world countries.

I have been rather busy this week, so today I am planning on puttering about and enjoying some home time while nursing my cold. I have 'Emma' on dvd to watch- the bbc version from the seventies- and am going to have a long hot bath with some of my birthday bath goodies later. I am also going to be visiting one of the most scrumptious places on the internet-

Amy used to do this magazine a few years ago, and I loved it. She has little projects, craft ideas, recipes and general snippets of loveliness. Do go visit, and before you know it you will be rummaging out your scissors and glue!

Another rambly little thought that came into my mind, was a post that the lovely made: I read it a little while before I did my seasonal scrub, and it was lovely, so delicious, to be given permission to feel a little out of sorts with the place that usually I love to call home. I had the same not-quite-ennui-but-something-like-it feeling. Just acknowledging that this was how I was feeling was enough for me to start planning my declutter and seasonal scrub, and now I am in love as ever I was with our little flat again. So thanks Alison sweetie!

I am going to try out a new recipe for tomato soup for lunch today, so soon that will be bubbling away on my stove. If it works out nicely, I will share the recipe with you all tomorrow.

I hope you are having the most lovely day!

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Chris said...

Welcome back! Hope you're feeling better soon!