Thursday, 10 April 2008

My Writing Desk

This is my birthday present from my lovely husband. I first spotted it in the Oxfam shop six weeks, maybe two months ago, and fell in love with it right away. I took my Mum in to see it, and she agreed, it is lovely. I took Carl in, and whilst I was not directly asking if I could buy it, I was hoping that it might come up once he saw it. Alas, he agreed that it was very 'me' and lovely, but that we really didn't have room for it. Perhaps, he said, if we were to get rid of one of the bookcases.....which of course, would never do!

Imagine my surprise when I was presented with it on my birthday! Not only had he decided to buy it the moment he saw it, and kept his secret very well indeed, but he managed to get it back to our flat, and all wrapped up all on his own.

There are two drawers underneath the pull-down-desk part. I am going to use one for my craft projects, and the other as a comfort drawer. Until then, it is holding Carl's Easter chocolate. There is a tiny drawer that holds my Cath Kidston address book, and lots of little partitions to put letters and envelopes in.

I can imagine myself sitting at it to write out Christmas cards, make lists, write letters, so much. I just had to share it with you, it is so lovely!

Talking of lovely things, I was walking to work yesterday, enjoying the fresh air and blue skies, when I suddenly realised that I am really ready for some of lovely Alison's puttery treats. Our little flat is so neat and tidy at the moment, and some of her treats would be the very thing indeed. She must have known, because when I visited Brocante Home later that day, she had posted some new treats! Go on, treat yourself too!


Anita said...

What a wonderful present! It is gorgeous!

I was so ready for those puttery treats, too! No one creates puttery treats quite like Alison!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mimi,
I will imagine you at home in lovely England, sitting at your lovely writing desk. What a nice, thoughtful husband you have!
Kathy L

Nita in South Carolina said...

Oh, how pretty! You will enjoy using this desk so much over the years. Lots of "good hubby" points for Carl!
Nita in South Carolina

TheElementary said...

What a lovely blog this is. I was just looking for pleasant and witty blogs that concerned life, tea, books- and I happily found yours :) I'm quite happy to be reading your words. I'll be back.

tash said...

I love writing desks - you've probably seen ours, and it is just the *best* place to craft and write little notes. Ours is full up with stuff to do with quilting at the moment, but I promised I'd give it a 'birthday' and bottom it!

Hope you're well and I will give you a ring at some point soon (bit of stress going on at the moment at Chez VP - is there a good time to ring?)