Wednesday, 2 April 2008

'Let Me Guess.....Are You 31?'

I was shopping for a dress to wear to a Christening, when a lady from a makeup counter seized me for a makeover. I am never adverse to dabbling with makeup, so I happily sat down. It came up in conversation that I had a birthday coming up. She said 'let me guess....are you 31?' I said 'no, 26'. She said 'so you will be 27?' and I said 'no....I am 25 now, I will be 26!'

The funniest thing is that on that very morning, I had used my anti-ageing facewash and day cream for the first time! Not a good sign!

Apart from apparently looking six years older than I am, my birthday was the most delicious day, and I really wish you could all have had a slice of my birthday cake (decorated by Carl) with me. I spent the day being spoiled rather more than is good for me, and having lunch with my family. Somehow out of two dozen vanilla cupcakes made by my sister, there were only 8 left! If you could have a peek at my presents, you would know they were for me! I had a beautiful cup-and-saucer set with pictures of shoes on them, as well as fancy tea bags and special biscuits. My Mum made me handbag with cupcakes on it, and bought me a pair of white embroidered vintage-style pillowcases. There was bubble bath, more tea things, and a lot of glitter and sparkles!

Everyone was so lovely to me, I felt quite teary once or twice. I had some beautiful cards, including some home-made ones which are always extra special to me, being a crafter. I am being taken to Bruges in May. Bruges is one of my favourite places in the world, and I am looking forward to buying some handmade lace and eating mussels and taking a boatride on the canals.

Carl really surprised me with his gift. He banned me from going into the kitchen when I got home from work on Saturday, and I must confess, I (rightly!) suspected a birthday cake was afoot. What I didn't know was that the kitchen was also hiding my gift- a vintage writing desk! I had seen it in the Oxfam shop a month or so ago, and fallen in love with it. It needs a lot of love, cleaning and polishing to make it scrumptious again, but even so, it is lovely. When I showed it to Carl, he agreed that it was lovely, but we really don't have room for it in our little flat. I had to agree, but still....I loved it. I have been visiting it every week and looking at it wistfully. Unbeknown to me, Carl had decided that he would buy it for me as soon as he saw it! I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful husband, but how good he is at acting is a bit worrying! Pictures, of course, to follow soon.

Every year as I blow out another set of birthday candles, I like to set personal 'new years' resolutions, relflect on the past and think about the future. I want to blog more often this year, and include more recipes and crafts and things. I want to make more things, cook new recipes and keep using my anti-ageing creams!


Yvonne said...

04-02 So glad you're back!! I check your blog daily because it is so good. I am a Librarian in Indiana, US and love all your "library talk".

When was your birthday? I just celebrated one as well. Not 26 but 50. Happy birthday!

Yvonne, the Indiana Librarian

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds lovely...May I ask what an Oxfam shop is? Is it like a second-hand store? Just curious, Kathy L