Sunday, 17 July 2011

Enquire Within

I read an interesting interview with Audrey Tautou in Marie Claire magazine, in which at one point she mischeviously suggests to the interviewer that he will be in trouble with his superiors back at the magazine because the readers will want to know things like what creams she uses in her beauty routine, but those arent the kind of answers she wants to give. It is true though, isn't it, that with people we admire, particularly in the public eye, that we want to know more about them, in the hope of capturing a little of their magic for ourselves.

I love reading some of my vintage magazines where the stars of their day happily reveal what lotions and potions they use, and some even had shades of lipstick named after them. How wonderful!

I like reading interviews with modern day stars to get to see a hint of their own personality come through. Not 'celebrities' who are famous for being famous, but people who have a talent or a star quality. I love how irascible Alan Rickman appears in his interviews!

Now let me start by saying that I am under no hallucinations that I am a star, but it does seem to me that I have seen on several of the blogs I read posts where readers are invited to 'ask me anything' and then some follow up posts are written answering the questions. So, I thought it might be fun to try that here. I am aware that while the comments function allows a certain amount of interaction, it does not allow for enquire within!



Ann said...

My question is - What got you involved in blogging in the first instance?

Jackie said...

Hi Mimi!

I love reading about your cooking and recipes. You have mentioned that you only eat meat two or three times a week, and also suggested some meatless cookbooks
(on my wishlist at Amazon!).

I would like to know what an average week of evening meals are in your household, and how organised you need to be to manage it. I know you have recently started menu planning again.

Best wishes


Dinahsoar said...

Hey Mimi--still haven't caught up with my blog reading...too many new things to crochet.

Here's a question for you--what is your favorite tea? Is it loose leaf, or bag, do you make it by the cup or pot?

As an American I'm fascinated by English tea time, hence the question.

If more questions come to mind I'll post them in the comments. Thanks!