Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Blowing Away The Cobwebs

I woke up this morning with a slightly fuzzy head. I have an ear infection which has layed me a little bit low. Often I can get on with things and just have a sore ear, but yesterday I had a bad headache and felt very under the weather and sorry for myself, and spent much of the evening curled up crocheting, with a hot wheaty bag on my sore ear.

A peek between the blind slats revealed that it was a damp blowy morning, but I actually find that kind of weather invigorating at times. I decided to take an early-ish walk to get some wool for the tea cosy I am making as a gift for a friend. It is cream, and the top is to be covered with flowers, so I needed some pinky-purpley colours. As soon as I stepped outside, my hair was whipped about my head, my shawl caught in the wind, and I felt invigorated.

Until I got a text message from a nearby library asking if I was on my way. I texted back to say no, I was having a week off, and why would I be going there at all? Numerous text messages back and forth revealed that on the strength of a 'would you be interested in some work sometime in September' had transformed to me being timetabled...but not told...and for the rest of the year! Now I am not turning my nose up at work, but I found the entire episode very stressful, the thought of being expected but not knowing about it, committing to the end of the year when I have just got used to being at home and using that day for looking for work...I got home with my wool but felt very antagonized, and I haven't really settled since.

Still, I have another chance to fill my lungs with air in a bit. I am going to visit the friend for whom I am making the tea cosy, having lunch and some afternoon with her, then my lovely husband is collecting me and we are going to a beer festival in Chappel with my in-laws for father-in-law's birthday. We are going to stay at their house which will be lovely. Tomorrow we plan to go for a nice long walk around the village where they live, and perhaps forage for blackberries or rosehips as we go. Oh, and I may be coming into some pears this afternoon as well, which are destined for pear and vanilla jam.

I do wish I could shake the snarls out of my mind though. Perhaps a nice long walk is just the thing I need!

Wherever you are, I hope the breeze is blowing away your cobwebs!


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Dinahsoar said...

I too find that kind of weather invigorating...it must be the challenge of bracing against it? Ear infections are something I used to get often due to allergies...fluid backing up into the eustachian tubes. Since beginning Astelin they are no longer a problem and the Astelin has minimal side effects.

And oh my yes, I'd have been very antagonized too...you were made redundant, adjusted and in fact enjoying the extra down time and now they NEED you asap. Feeling as if they are taking you for granted, to be at their beck and call is not a good feeling. And it seems to me they'd have let you know over the phone or in person versus a text...that is one of the things I dislike about technology...it is impersonal and it is too easy to miscommunicate.

So, what is it to be?..are you going to be working the rest of the year? Either way it will be a win win.

Hope it didn't ruin your good times and hope your ear is better.