Thursday, 15 September 2011

Savouring An Autumn Afternoon

Two Thursdays in every four, I have to be out and about earlier than normal in order to get the early bus to my library-on-a-hill. This morning I decided to wear a jersey dress in deep green, patterned with abstract roses. When I opened the door I gave a little gasp of pleasure as this has been the first morning with that proper autumnal freshness in the air. Not cold enough to be a nip or a chill, just enough to give a little shiver and a moments thought as to whether it would be wise to pop back upstairs for a shawl. I decided to brave it out however, and I am glad I did. It has been a beautiful day, and as I walked from bus stop to library, I really noticed drifts of leaves on the ground...autumn really is coming!

I find myself with a quiet afternoon and evening to myself. Sometimes it is nice just to potter and think alone. When I have finished here, I am going to bake a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies (recipe via Attic24) and then an aubergine and cherry tomato tart, adapted from a recipe in this month's Vegetarian Living magazine. I plan to stud the mixture with little slivers of salty-sharp feta cheese, and probably introduce some red onion too. That will be dinner ready for tomorrow evening, and perhaps lunch on Saturday too. I have All About Eve to watch on dvd, and I am going to paint my nails while I watch it. I had been planning to change from my current inky purple to bright red, but now I am toying with hot chocolate instead. Then I am going to have an early night with the October issue of Country Living magazine.

What do you have planned for this evening? Looking at the time, perhaps I had better start, or that early night won't be quite so early after all! Oh, but before I go, did you see, I have added to my list of 'scrumptious places and people on the internet'. I hope you enjoy visiting some of my favourite blogs...and I hope you might share some of your favourite places to visit too!


Dinahsoar said...

I made the Attic24 oatmeal raisin cookies last week end and let me tell you...they are hard to stop eating. I know I gained a pound or two. They have a little crunch on the outside but are soft inside, and not the least bit dry. I aim to make Attic24 chocolate chip cookies next. The recipe has been copied and in on my table at the ready. I'd have made them sooner but I am afraid I will eat too many of them as well.

As for your polish color for your toe all of the choices but I immediately thought the hot chocolate would be perfect.

I am a bit envious of the afternoon and evening you have/had planned--it sounds perfect.

Cool temps here to in the southeast U.S.--tomorrow's high is only was on the cool side and quite gray with a misting rain. But it is fall isn't it in spite of the date on the calendar.

Oh--and I see you added my blog to your sidebar...thank you....though I have been very lax of late to post much. I tend to go in spells where I post often or rarely post.

Carla said...

Squeee, I am officially scrumptious :) and muchly honoured to be in your sidebar!

Your day sounds lovely - my nails are bright poolside blue, for confidence during terrifying work thing today, while still fitting in with company colours :)