Monday, 12 September 2011

Crafting Changed My Life

Well isn't that a dramatic title for a blog post? But I read this lovely post over at Attic 24, and towards the end she talks about her blankets that she has made, and how she taught herself to crochet after being inspired by two other blogs (both of which are long time favourites of mine). It made me pause and think yes, yes, crafting has changed my life too. Not in any dramatic way, but it is as though part of the pieces of the puzzle that is me fell into place as I learnt to craft.

I remember teaching myself to knit. It was ten or so years ago now, and I wanted to make my sister a scarf for Christmas. I had had a minor operation on a toe, so I knew that I would be stuck in a chair for a few days. I had been reading Martha Stewart Living magazine, and there was an article on how to knit in there. It all came together at the right time for me really. I remember buying some fabulous yarn, not expensive by todays standards, but at over £4 a ball back then, it was dear. It was soft and luxurious and fuzzy and purple. Perhaps an odd choice for a beginner, but by choosing a yarn I could fall in love with it made me feel better about learning to knit and it made it a pleasurable experience.

A few years later I taught myself to crochet. I don't remember really how or why or the project, but I vaguely think it was a magazine article, but I do know that I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was.

When I learnt to cross stitch, it was earlier still, I was probably just in my teens. I learnt that from a book, a Jo Verso if I remember correctly.

The thing I have found with all the crafts I have ever learnt is to start at the beginning, let yourself be a beginner and enjoy getting to grips with the basics. Take everything just one little step at a time, and have confidence in yourself. I have gone from knitting scarves and anything square to socks on four needles, all manner of things with increases and decreases or lace patterns I would have taken one look at the pattern for and turned away from. But the secret is, take that long complicated pattern and break it down, take it one little bit at a time and it is surprisingly easy.

I don't know who I would be if I did not create, did not craft, did not make, did not blog, did not write. I don't think that we necessarily ever find every single piece to the puzzles that are ourselves, but I do know that I am on the right road, and I hope you are too. Whatever it is that you wish you could learn or have a go at, do. You never know, it may just become part of who you are.


Anonymous said...

Love the new layout Mimi...Well Done. Its very bright and cheery an put a smile on my face when I first saw it. Hugs Cookie

Crafty Mermaid said...

I love the attic24 site too and subscribe to all my other sites on RSS but 'save' her site for infrequent visits when I have time to enjoy and drink tea. I'm currently working through one of Lucy's blankets - the hexagon blanket - it could be some time!