Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Early Morning

Good morning!

And thank you for your kind comments about the new look of my blog! Autumn is all about fresh new starts for me, so it is nice to have a new start here as well.

This morning dawned cool and very windy but bright and beautiful and crisp. It is cool enough to wear my cashmere jumper but warm enough not to shiver at the bus stop, a perfect combination! I was awake early this eyes opened at 5:00am and it was hard to get back to sleep. Although more sleep would have been welcome, it was lovely to lay there and listen to the wind blowing and watch the room get lighter. I think the reason for my wakefulness was that I had a grocery delivery scheduled to arrive between 6:30 and 7:30am so I knew I had to be up and about on time.

As it happens the doorbell rang at 7:30am but getting up early was really productive. I made a pot of tea using the loose tea we bought at Sally Lunn's in Bath last October, and had time to savour it properly. I made us pear and cinnamon porridge for breakfast, had a shower, made our lunches, and got out in time to catch the 8:30am bus. Now I am at work on my lunch break, and I feel in a very productive frame of mind. I am not sure I want to be up and about so early every day, but it does feel nice to be full of energy.

Anyway, this was just a quick peep to say hello and thank you and to wish you all a very happy Wednesday



Dinahsoar said...

What a surprise--but a nice one--to find you've 'redecorated' your blog. It is fun isn't it? While I rarely post anything on my blog these days--too many irons in the fire--I do change my blog decor for the seasons. It's as much fun as redecorating the house and costs not a dime.

Pear and cinnamon porridge--sounds good...I have pears in the fridge, picked at my daughter's property from a tree planted years ago by a previous owner...truly, a gift that keeps on giving, as are the black walnut trees in the area. Nice for me that husband enjoys removing the hulls and shells.

Isn't that just the case...a window of time given and you get up early and they arrive at the last minute. Had you not gotten up early they'd have been there at 6:30. LOL. C'est la vie. No matter though given the benefit of an early start versus a late one.

And it's autumn...glorious autumn. Hope you're having/had a lovely day!

Moey said...

Love the new look! Nice colors. Now you need to get yourself an Iphone so you can upload your own pics!