Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Sunday In September

This morning started as so many of my mornings do, with a cup of tea in bed. There is not a better way to start the day, to my mind! Then a walk into town in glorious September sunshine so that Carl could keep his appointment with the barber. A walk in the fresh air home, bumping into a friend at the bus stop, and settling down at home with Poirot and the Sunday papers.

The window open, then suddenly, a cool breeze bringing with it first the scent of rain, and then as soon as that had registered, the soft hiss of rain teeming down from the skies. The light faded and smudged with rain, so the lamp on so I could see to knit on the glove I am making as a gift for my Mum. The soft purple yarn from baby alpacas whisper soft in my hands.

A bunch of dahlias looking like glorious autumn fireworks against the cream of the wall. Bell ringing practise at the Cathedral being carried to our ears on the breeze. Skies that are suddenly blue again. Carl reading whilst I am reading and

Pondering when to go and take my bath. Wishing I had remembered to buy more bubble bath but pleased to remember a small stash of bath crystals from Christmas. The C word! The Christmas craft magazine that I could not resist buying whilst we were out and about earlier. Wondering if this evening would be a good evening to make some of the cards with the free kit that came with the magazine.

Wondering how it can be September already, but feeling pleased as I am ready for it. Dark chocolate with orange, spices and figs. More tea, always, more tea! Thoughts of menu plans to write and order the wherewithall for later. Butternut squash, aubergine, ginger, feta, pumpkin, spice...all those will be featuring on it.

Feeling very connected to other bloggers out there, and friends I have never met. Smiling at kind comments left by lovely readers, wondering how I get so much spam. Wishing I could find out who keeps sending me odd spam comments, and deciding if I could find out, I would send them a giftwrapped tin of spam, with a polite note saying please stop!

Excitement at seeing Kirstie Allsopp has a new craft book coming out soon! Remembering I am meant to be finishing a tea cosy for a birthday gift which needs to be given soon. The body of the cosy is crocheted, it just needs stitching up. Oh, and 30 or so flowers to be crocheted to be sewn on top (pattern from Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench, via the library).

Off to sip more tea, and crochet flowers using oddments of wool. Oh, and take that bath. Mmmm, and read that first Christmas magazine too!

The bells are still chiming and ringing. September Sundays are just perfect.

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Dinahsoar said...

Your Sunday sounds perfect..the tea, the lamplight, the rain outside, dahlias and crochet and reading inside with the company of a good husband. And I've seen that tea cozy--it is beautiful. I perused Quick and Easy Crochet at Barnes and Noble after seeing it online in one of the blogs. I wish I could get it at my library. In the meantime Attic24 gives me lots of crochet inspiration.