Sunday, 9 September 2012

106 Days Till Christmas

It's no secret that I love Christmas, and the past few years have discovered that my best way of enjoying it is to spread the preparation out over the preceding months so I can really relax and enjoy the season.

So while I hate seeing advent calendars in WH Smiths, mince pies in the Co-Op, and cards in almost every card shop, I have been quietly making plans and crafts at home, and aim to have nearly everything done so that I can wake up on December 1st ready to celebrate.

Seeing that there are about twelve weeks to go to Christmas Day itself made me realise that I only have 8 weeks left if I want to achieve my goal, and I will have to start putting in a lot more effort, as so far it has mainly been planning and designing on my part. But then my mind wandered, and I wondered, in 12 weeks, what else can I achieve?

If I were to make sure I get my five a day every day, that would be 530 servings of fruit and vegetables! Although I try to eat well, I don't think if I counted back 106 days I would quite total that! If I practised my French each day, how much better at it would I be? Just a little seed of a thought, and while I don't want to spread myself too thin, I do like the idea of seeing how far I can get with something in the twelve weeks I have left.

What would you like to improve, or take up by the time you wake up Christmas morning?

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Debbie said...

How many days? Goodness! Where did that year go??

I have in mind to make some gifts, I started earlier in the year and have a couple of pairs of knitted fingerless mitten put away. I need to get back on track, decide what I want to make and who for, write a list and start working through it. I'd particularly like to make something small for the members of my book group and craft group, it needs to be something very small and easy in order to make eight or so of each. Any ideas?

As for setting myself targets of things to complete before Christmas, I find as soon as I write a list of things I want to achieve I immediately want to do something else instead. I have always had a problem with being told what to do - even by myself it seems!