Monday, 3 September 2012

Stirring Up Some Sleep

Poor Carl is working so hard recently, long hours, and lots of stress. The logical thing would be that he is ready to fall asleep at the end of the day, and he is exhausted, but too overwhelmed and tired to sleep. We are very attuned to each other, which tends to mean if he doesn't sleep well, I don't, so the past few weeks, I have taken getting us a good night's sleep into my own hands.

First comes opening the bedroom window to let in the cool air, and lighting the oil burner. I usually choose a base of lavender, sometimes with a drop or two of chamomile in it to scent the air.

Next comes standing in the kitchen stirring up a saucepan of sleep inducing elixr. I have a little pair of cups which are bigger than espresso cups, but smaller than teacups, and they are just the right size for bedtime milk. I think sleepy thoughts as I stir the milk over a low heat. Sometimes I flavour it with cinnamon, or honey, or vanilla. Tonight I mean business though, so I have added some tincture of valerian and a splash of rum. I can feel its warm tendrils starting the work already!

We have been listening to the same sleep relaxation every night, but I have found a new one to try for tonight. I wonder if we are getting too used to the one we have been listening to and it is not as effective perhaps. I must get to the library and see if there is a CD I can borrow; in the meantime I peruse Youtube and find something there.

Tonight I have one other trick to try - I found a reflexology technique suggested on a website to try. We shall see tomorrow if all of this has any effect....wishing you all sweet dreams!

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Anonymous said...

Really sounds relaxing. I hope between the hot milk and music you can both sleep.

Teresa, Sacramento,ca