Friday, 21 April 2006

Early Morning Thoughts

Last time I posted, I was talking about how much I like the late night in the library. Well, almost as much I love the early morning. Today is my half past eight start, which I know is not as early as some people have to work, but that half hour does seem to make a difference. I came out at half past seven this morning, so I could enjoy the walk in, at that magic time when everything seems fresh and new still. There are veritable fountains of violets frothing up in many of the gardens I pass, which is bliss. The park was empty, and slightly cool, and quiet. I had breakfast upstairs (there is a canteen on the top floor of our building, with fabulous views) and sipped coffee before coming back downstairs.

I am on the upper floor of the library, which is always slightly quieter than downstairs, thanks to the mobile phone ban! It is quiet now, apart from the fan and the sound of people softly tapping on keybords. The big, old maps are resting in the map cabinets, and everything is peaceful. I like it like this. At about nine, it will start to busy, but I do like a few moments, early on, to contemplate the peace of the day.

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Cookie said...

You have such a lovely job Mimi! A library is such a peaceful and tranquil haven. You are one lucky girl. Hugsss