Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Hush In The Library

This (6.30pm) is one of my favourite times in the library. I only have to work this late once a week, but it still makes me a little tired. Nine-till-Seven is a long day. But I love it, when it gets to this time. There is a quiet hush in the air, amongst the books.

Oh, there are still people here, we are still busy, the phone still rings, but it as if we are slowly winding down, ready for the rest that comes at seven o'clock. No doubt someone will scurry through the doors with five minutes to go, and be desperate to do what they have left till too late- to use the internet, or the photocopiers, or start an involved query. But at this time of day, mostly, the people who are here are here because they want to be. Because they got up this morning and planned to drop into the library on the way home from work. People working on projects, looking for a new book to read, wanting to work quietly.

This time of day is bliss. Today has been long, but I know when I get home, dear Carl will have cooked a little something delicious for tea. I nearly always get right out of my clothes and into my dressing gown as soon as I get home. Take down my hair if I have put it up, wash the day off of my face, put on my slippers, and always, always, have a cup of tea.

Maybe it is a little perverse, but on the weekends I have to work Saturday, and on my late night to work, I always seem to get more out of the time I have- perhaps because I know I do not have much? A philosophical thought for this time of evening!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. If only you could have been peeking through my window Easter morning. Carl, like me, is not into commercialism at all. We both value the home-made and the vintage, and the thought, most of all. Turns out Carl had been all over town to try and find me a Cadbury Buttons Easter Egg, as I remember loving the little bunny carved into the side, and how the buttons came inside the egg, in a scrunchity cellophane bag when I was a little girl. Well it seems he looked and looked and could not find one, so decided to do something a little different. He handed me a large shoe box, wrapped up in paper. I was told not to tip it, and open it carefully. I nearly dropped it! A soft toy snake (that usually lives near our real snake's cage!) was on top of a deep layer of sawdust. And scattered amongst the sawdust were little treasures for me to find! Being nervous of poking my fingers into things I could not see, I ended up stabbing hopefully with a knitting needle!

We were also lucky enough to be given a home made simnel cake by my lovely, lovely Mum.

Happy Easter Everybody!


VintagePretty said...

I'm glad you had such a nice Easter, Carl sounds like a real sweetie!

As for the gallery trip, I think it's a spiffing idea! It'd be lovely to host a get-together, all the Vintage Ladies together in one room!

Cookie said...

Such a thoughtful Carl you have there! Glad you had a nice Easter.

ms*robyn said...

Hi Mimi, I found you !!!!! I forgot to bookmark you and hadn't a clue as to where your blog was... so here we are xoxo

Mimi said...

Hello girls!

It is so lovely to come to post and find comments- always brings a smile to my face!

I am lucky with Carl, he is really special- and it is lovely to have a place to tell everyone just how nice he is!

I am glad you found me again Ms Robyn! I do keep meaning to write myself a list of links to blogs- perhaps that shall be my task for today.

And Vintage Pretty, oh it would be lovely to have a get-together, it really would- perhaps a summer project? I am imagining a lovely trip round a gallery, perhaps a picnic in a park afterwards? Bliss!