Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Is Life Too Short To Knit A Dishcloth?

Firstly, thank you, thank you all for your sweet comments and emails. I am still a little bit deaf and a little bit wobbly, but so much better thank you!

Today is my second day back at work- and I have been so looking forward to updating my blog!

Now to my question. Is life too short to knit a dishcloth? Before I always would have said yes and I always swore that I would not crochet those ladies who sit on toilet rolls, and I would never knit a dishcloth. It just seemed a waste to knit something that is used (in our house at least!) to wipe up spilt tea, wash the dishes, a jack of all trades as it were.

But...and didn't you just know there was going to be a but? I was at Mums last week, before I went to the doctors, and she was knitting a beautiful pattern called Chinese Waves in dishcloth cotton. It was so lovely, I resolved to have a go. And I did, and I loved it so much. The pattern is so easy, but so effective, and the cotton feels so nice flowing through my fingers. I love the rhythmic clicking of my needles, and knowing that at long last, I am making something for me!

I finished off my Chinese Waves dishcloth last night, and today cast on Grandmothers Favourite, and have several more patterns I want to try. I am using a soft oatmealy colour cotton. (Lets face it, the white would not stay white very long!)

And yet there is another but...when the girls at work ask me what I am knitting, I hate saying a dishcloth! I hate feeling like I have to explain it. I have explained it to myself, and love the idea of being able to use something I have made to clean my precious things. It is just one of those things that as you explain you hear your voice almost through someone elses ears....

Funnily enough though, no one thought it odd when I spent the last few months knitting Easter Chicks. I guess they would laugh though if they could peek through my curtains tonight! I will be poking Cadbury Creme Eggs up each and chicks rear! And then lining them up for a photoshoot as the first entry in my 'Things I Have Made' book!


mrspao said...

Life is never too short to knit something you will enjoy even if it is a dishcloth.

Cookie said...

Life is too short to worry about what other people might think of you knitting a dishcloth !!! SMILES