Saturday, 15 April 2006

Gifts of the Season

Oh I do hope you are all having a scrumptious and happy Easter weekend. I got up early yesterday morning to bake hot cross buns. Although I love them, I do hate that they are in the shops the whole year round. I think they should be special for Easter, or people will forget what they mean.

Anyway, I found myself in the kitchen, and as my dressing gown sleeves were too long to do kneading in (ever get the urge to just get up and bake? I hope it is not just me!) so I wore the fabulous Victorian style nightie I was fortunate enough to find in Tesco of all places! I love to knead, it makes me feel really connected with what I am making. I was pleased with how this recipe turned out (from the latest issue of Country Kitchen magazine) and shall be making them again next year.

A quiet but delicious day. It rained a little, and our little flat was full of the smell of spicy little buns baking and coffee percolating, and I watched Merlins Apprentice and knitted on my dishcloths (Chinese Waves again, but I am trying Garter Stitch Lace next!). So peaceful. Then in the evening we went to see dear Carls family. We took them an Easter Basket I had made up- a pretty yellow plant, a knitted chick each, a bag of mini eggs in the bottom, and a hot cross bun each. They are not long back from Amalfi (how I long to go Italy in April!) and bought me the most beautiful scarf- I was so touched. I wanted to wear it to work today, but could not decide what to wear with it, so am leaving it till another day. It is very pale pink, almost net material, embroidered over with darker pink rosebuds, and the edge is scalloped in green. It needs a very plain dress with it I think.

Who knows, soon (fingers crossed!) I may be posting some pictures on here...

So here I am at work this Easter Saturday. We have had more people in than I hoped for, which is nice. I spent my morning tea break making up clues for Carls Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow (I have gone for a Da Vinci Code theme- most of them are in code!) and my afternoon tea break reading The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg, recommended by the ever lovely Alison at Brocante Home. I am not very far in, but oh! How I am enjoying it. It is delicious. Only just now, I was reading about how she (the main character, Betta) has spent her life decorating windowsills with odds and ends- 'the gifts of the season' as she puts it. And it really spoke to me. This is what I have always done, or tried to do. But I had never thought about phrasing it quite like that. If you are stuck for something to read, do give it a go. That, or Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen which I have just devoured and adored. How I laughed! Considering how long ago she was writing, so much of it is so relevant now. In one passage, she remarks how (mostly!) the efforts a lady goes to in her dress when she is hoping to impress a new man are wasted, as men are incapable of telling one dress from another!

Well, it made me laugh!

The other thing that came to mind for me to post is just a silly little thing. But I shall post anyway, as I do love silly little things and bits of whimsy. Do you every cast your eye around your house, and see something perhaps that you have seen a hundred times before, but suddenly think just how much you love that thing? I have a large flowerpot that once was home to a sadly departed orchid. It now holds all my knitting needles and crochet hooks- from my great big 20mm needles I bought to knit a cushion for a Christmas gift, to the teeny tiny thin ones that belonged to the Mother of a friend, that I used to knit my Easter Chicks. It amuses me to see them there. Perhaps another picture to post?


VintagePretty said...

Your dishcloths sound wonderful (and work *so* much better than their plasticky jay-cloth rivals). I am trying hard to use up all of my odds and ends, and am making a cushion cover. It is very easy satisfying knitting indeed.

I hope you had a great easter - I know we did :)

I have lots of little things that I look at, or that catch my eye when walking 'round the house, which just make me think "I'm really glad to have this". One of which is a gateleg table found in a bit of a rickety condition in a local antiques shop and bought for a song, with a good slavering of beeswax polish it came up beautifully, war-wounds and all. Another is an old pre-Victorian blue and white square bowl, quite large, and was bought at a carboot for literally pence. It's not only useful, decorative and old, it's just lovely. It fits into our home like a glove.

Have a good week!

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