Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Poorly Again

Pah! I have never been an ill person. I have never been one of those people who always has something wrong and is willing to tell you about it at great length. But here I am, struck down again. I had a headache yesterday, and when I woke up this morning I had earache and a sore throat, but just down one side, and I feel miserable.

I have come into work and am sitting upstairs in the quiet amongst the map cabinets. It is a mobile phone free zone up here, which means the main noise is the tip-tap-tipping of fingers on keyboards. Strangely soothing.

My dear friend Lisa came for her weekly Monday visit where she showed me her latest crochet project- involving a tricot hook. It looks like a long knitting needle with a crochet hook on the point! She is using it to crochet some lace that she is then going to stitch onto a wide ribbon, and have a wonderful head band. While we were talking about our current craft projects (I am knitting easter chicks...still...needlepointing a minature picture of roses, and crocheting a blanket) she mentioned that every time she makes something, she takes a photograph of it to keep in a 'Things I Have Made' book. What a wonderful idea! I am going to start doing this as soon as I can find a lovely book (see how good I am at finding reasons to need new stationery items?!) It occurred to me that particularly successful things could have the pattern included too, should I want to make them again in the future...and things I have made for gifts I could make a note of who I gave it to so they dont get the same thing in a few years..and...and!

Oh, and I meant to post earlier in the week about the farmers market Sunday. Bliss! As always. It is so nice talking to people who really love what they do. I got Buffalo Mozzarella that had only been made on Monday in Rome, which we had for dinner with pasta and tomato sauce. I also treated myself to a white hyacinth in a pot. My windowsill is looking good at the moment for flowers- I have my hyacinth; a truly beateous (and fragrant) birthday bunch of pink roses and white freesias; a rip van winkle narcissus (so delightfully scruffy!Almost dandelion like) ; and last but not least, my trusty money plant. Ohh, and I have another birthday houseplant, that has big beautiful leaves and is as high as a small toddler, so that is on the floor at the moment.

I love having such lovely things to rest my eyes on at the end of a long day.


Kristy said...

So sorry you are feeling unwell :(
Just to let you know I got my parcel today!Wow!!!Thank you so much I will post a gushing thank-you later!!!xxx

Flossy said...

I hope you feel better soon. Everyone in my house has a cold, except me (fingers crossed), and all I hear are the sounds of sneezing and sniffling!

Cookie said...

Sorry your feeling poorly. My whole family is down with colds and flu at the moment too. At least its nice snuggly weather to stay home and keep warm. Get Well Soon !

VintagePretty said...

Get well soon, I found laying off milky things stops catarrh and eases the congestion.

Love the idea of a book to record all of your crafty projects, I have the same thing on the computer (or did before the darn HD died..!).

Take care!

Peggy said...

hope you are soon feeling well and a belated birthday to you! I have been slack about visiting my blog neighbors since spring gardening. From your post sounds like you had a dreamy day!