Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Fabulous Friday

Oh, the joy of a week ago Friday. It was a lovely, delicious day- the only improvement possible a cooler breeze and lower temperature!

I went back to the little town I come from to spend the day with a lovely girl with whom I did history ‘A’ level. She is one of those fabulous people who you might not see or speak to for a while, but when you do it is as though you only spoke yesterday. She loves all things vintage, and is a most wonderful mine of information when it comes to the best cosmetics and skin care too.

The bus deposited me outside the church in the High Street-I had a few minutes to wait as my bus got in first, but happily I had both my little handbag fan, and my delicious new novel ‘Little Lady Big Apple’ to pass the time. I have to say, it made me smile so much to look at us. There was I, in my pink sundress with a pink felt flower in my hair, and my wicker basket on my arm. There was she, with her fab black hair flower in, and her bright pink shopping trolley.

We had such a wonderful time- some times shopping just seems to flow and all the treasures in the charity shops throw themselves into your fingers! As well as the charity shops we also did the lovely boutiquey shops, the Emporium of homestuffs, a wonderful little deli, and the organic green grocers.

Despite the heat, we had the most marvellous fish and chips I have had- a lovely place that, most importantly, takes the skin off the fish!

Anna being lovely also bought with her a book list for me- and I ordered this fabulous book (Sew Easy) from the library. It has since arrived (I am catching up with my blogging!) and is quite, quite delicious. It has many wonderful (and easy) sewing projects for the home. And there are so many extras- after the tablecloth section, there is a lemon buttercream cake recipe! I want to make hot water bottle covers (I know, I know, but come autumn I will want one!) and a slip-style nightie, and cushion covers, and so much more!

I bought some lovely treats from the deli, including an organic beer for dear Carl, who sweetly answered my distress call, when I realised I had bought more shopping than I could reasonably carry home, and needed to be rescued from the bus stop…

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