Tuesday, 29 August 2006

A Whole Week Has Just Dashed By!

My my, I do not know where the time goes. One minute I am planning on blogging about how I made a blackberry and apple crumble last Sunday, using the blackberries that I picked and froze on my visit to my Aunt and Uncle- and the next it is the Sunday after!

In this past week, I have been cross stitching away in the evenings. I was browsing through a pile of old embroidery magazines, and one had a pattern for embroidering one Christmas card for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I don't do freestyle embroidery so much, and remembered that I had a pattern for something similar in a Jo Verso book- so I am busily stitching away. I am going to send one to dear Carl each day, starting on the 14th of December.

(I would worry about him reading this, and spoiling the surprise but he doesn't read my blog. He said something about it feeling like rummaging in my handbag, which I thought was really rather sweet.)

I have also been decluttering in readyness for my Seasonal Scrub. I have next week off to turn our little flat out, scrub everything in sight, and make it all cozy and lovely for Autumn. We did a Car Boot Sale to this end on Sunday- we made our pitch money back and £4.50 in profit each. I am going to spend mine wisely, on ribbon, or else someother such thing that is pleasing.

I have been reading PopCo by Scarlett Thomas for book club. I must finish it by Friday. I am enjoying it very much- but it is so long. It is not a hard book exactly, but I read what feels like pages for what seems like ages, and seem to move my bookmark very little at all!

I have got a sassy new bob hair cut! I went and got it all cut off on Friday. It occurred to me that more and more I just put it back into a low ponytail, with some tendrily bits. So now I have a cut a bit like Audrey Tatou in Amelie...only without a fringe...and a left parting...and a little longer in the back...and a bit less volume!

Talking of which, I watched Amelie for the first time and fell in love with it. Thank you Alicia, (www.rosylittlethings.typepad.com) for mentioning it in your blog and prompting me to watch it! Carl said afterwards that it is a delightfully quirky film, and it occurs to me that he is very, very right- that is just how I would describe it.

I have been to see Snakes On A Plane- now guess who chose that?! It was laugh-out-loud bad, and we were very impressed to see a corn snake just like ours (only much bigger, Casper is only a baby) slither across the screen. We also enjoyed tutting at how very unrealistic it is-snakes love dark, not light! That snake isnt poisonous! That one is obviously computer animated as they dont move like that! Pah!

I have been busy cooking too- yesterday afternoon I made fishcakes for tea tonight and put them in the fridge, and then made Kofta Curry for Wednesday, and put some in the fridge, some in the freezer. Inpsired by www.vintagepretty.blogspot.com I made some leek and potato soup for dinner- and then I made smoothies to take with lunch today.

I found the recipe in the BBC Good Food Magazine- you whiz up a can of peach silces in juice with a banana and some apple juice- yum!

It comes to my notice how many of my paragraphs here start with 'I'- not a good thing. But this post is about 'What I did in the week I have not posted' so perhaps I can be forgiven?

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Cookie said...

I love hearing about your week. Your new hair sounds just gorgeous and I love reading what you are wearing. Have another good week !