Tuesday, 1 August 2006

What Are You Wearing Today?

A terribly stylish friend of mine was musing to me a while ago how interesting it would be if there were blogs of what people are wearing. Not in a nasty-panting-down-the-phone way, just in a what a wonderful world of clothing it is out there!

So, today I am wearing a white short sleeved t-shirt that is quite lycra-y and so fitted, but thankfully thick enough material to be flattering! I have one of my favourite skirts on- just below the knee, it is black with a white print pattern on it. It is cut on the bias, so it hugs in and then flares slightly. This I have teemed with red toenails and my hair just pulled back into a low pony-tail.

What are you wearing today?


miss*R said...

oh get this - I am the fashion-ista today! it is decidedly chilly here and as I am not going out - I wore - grey tracksuit pants (comfy & warm) * green striped socks and a white buddhist long sleeved T. My hair is twisted up into a bun with a big black clip. How very becoming! oh, but how comfy I am :)

Donna said...

Well it's warm here so I am in a pale blue silk cami top with my rolled-up boy fit jeans and (permanent summer footwear) Havaianas. I am also sporting a new corsage that I made myself yesterday with scraps of fabric and vintage buttons.

Donna said...

Just to say thank you so much for my goddess package which arrived yesterday. I have taken photos and will try and put them up on my blog when I get some time. Time is something I am very short of here as it is the school hols!! I hope yours has arrived safely and that you liked it :-)
Lots of love
Donna xxx

Anonymous said...

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