Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Today I Am Wearing...

...one of my favourite outfits. This makes me feel good, whatever. A long brown skirt, that has one of those hemlines where it is shorter in front than back. It is full, but not too full. (It used to have a gorgeous brown velvet ribbon belt, with an on-purpose-tatty rose on it, but that got lost a long time ago!) This I am wearing with my cream, cross-over-front 3/4 length sleeve jumper. It is fine knit, soft and snuggly, and flattering. It gives one a good bust, and a tiny waist-hurrah!

I am wearing flat shoes that make me feel a bit like Amelie- they have two little straps that cross over, then buckle. I feel like I should wear them with stripey knee socks!

Today I am also wearing my cup, practically. I need tea today- hot 'proper' tea to wake up to, then gentle peppermint tea after lunch- and a reviving cup of tea before coming up to work late on the upstairs enquiry desk. When I get home I will need a restorative cup of tea. Picture me today, and you must picture me with cup in hand!

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