Saturday, 19 August 2006

A Scrumptious Visit With My Aunt And Uncle

There are some homes that are blissful to visit- the people there are a delight to be with, and you feel all satisfied and rested and just better for being there, really.

And so it was, that I visited my Aunt and Uncle. I have not visited them on my own before- that is to say, with Carl, but without other family, since I was a little girl and went to stay for a week (many years ago). The journey down was rather good- we survived the M25 even though it was raining. I crocheted away while navigating- I started a handbag from The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller.

I won’t go into all the details of our visit, except to say it was bliss. Sitting in the conservatory, listening to the rain drum, drum, drumming away on the roof, while just chatting and catching up. My Uncle is one of those people who is just really, really interesting to talk with. He used to fly for British Airways, and so has a lot of travel knowledge, and a love of gadgets. My Aunt tells me stories of our family, which I love as I feel really connected. We went on a blackberrying walk which was just beautiful- wonderful countryside to look at, rambling along with good company, and filling a bag with delicious things to eat.

Things I took away, in my mind – visit more often. There is nothing like that connected feeling that family can give you. Buy feather pillows- I slept so very well. Having a glass of sherry to sip before dinner is really rather nice. As is taking a mug of Horlicks to bed. And one day, when we have our house, I should ever so much like to have carpet in the bathroom that is all soft and squishy to bare toes. And in that same house, I shall finally have my dining table and chairs out of the loft at my in-law’s house. I shall lay out breakfast, and we shall have a Sunday Morning boiled egg.

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judypatooote said...

It sounds like you had a very nice's always nice to be with family......