Saturday, 19 August 2006

A Most Wonderful Parcel Of Delights

A most wonderful parcel arrived for me, from the lovely Donna. (To visit her, go to One of my pleasures in life is taking part in swaps; this was the seasonal swap with a Summer Goddess theme.

I don’t know about just Goddess- this parcel made me feel like a Princess, Goddess, and more! When I opened it, the most amazing smell greeted my nose- lavender and roses, mixed together. I discovered that the box was filled with a delightful myriad of pink tissue-wrapped packages, polystyrene packing beads, and wonderful, wonderful dried lavender and rose heads from Donna’s own garden.

I sat with a cup of tea, and spent a happy hour discovering the many pleasures within. (This is not a boasting post, but I wanted to show how wonderful people are- and here in particular, Donna). Each package was a joy to undo- they had been tied with ribbons of varying shades of pink (or rick rack!) and some had a silk rose slipped in the bow. I loved smoothing out the paper into piles, and winding the ribbons around my fingers to make little bundles. My treasures had a rose and lavender theme- there were my favourite rose tea bags from Whittard (of which I had just run out!) and a beautiful rose-pink cup and saucer from which to enjoy them. There were scrumptious chocolates, and a rose candle to burn. There was lavender soap, and a wonderful little plate with roses on. A handmade lavender heart to hang on my bed, and also a handmade handbag and corsage. The treasures did not stop there- there was also a Shirley Hughes book- Alfie- that was once belonged to Donna’s own little boy, Alfie. And some rose scented burning sticks, which I love. And more…more…I felt so very, very spoiled.

Thank you lovely Donna!

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Donna said...

I'm just so glad you enjoyed them sweetie :-)