Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Blustery Day

This week has been one of the blusteriest that I can remember recently. There have been cool days, milder days, days speckled with rain, but all of them have been windswept. When I went out this morning, it was difficult to walk it was so blowy, and my hair was whipped about my head like a medusa. It has been really invigorating. Somehow, the day feels scoured clean and bare. It was really bright when I walked into town, and had all the freshness of a February day.

Carl is off to Paris tomorrow for work- just a day trip...although he will have to leave horribly early, before even the birds outside have blinked awake, he will be safe home again with me my bed time. I can't believe that we live in a world where we can just pop to Paris for the day! I know he is not going to have much time for anything other than work, but I am sending him off with a pocketful of Euros and a wish for Marie Claire Idees magazine!

After lunch with some dear friends today, I went for a little wander around the shops. Although I should be looking for Christmas gifts, my attention was caught by books...for me! I was very good and resisted, but I shall certainly be ordering them from the library. There is one about celebrations by Lucia Van Der Post which is all about lovely things to do for Easter/Guy Fawkes/Christmas and so on. There was another by the author of French Women Don't Get Fat about women in the workplace, and another one that looked good too, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was!

The book that I just can't put down at the moment is 'Jean Harlow, An Intimate Biography' which I picked up for 50p in a charity shop. I have always admired Marilyn and Audrey, and of course I had heard of Jean Harlow, but I had no idea about the life she led until I started to read. When I have finished catching up with you, I am going to pour myself a bubble bath and sink into the foam with a cup of tea and this book!

But before I do that, I must unpack my shopping bag. A rather eclectic mix- a little egg cup in the shape of soldier for Carl. You see, I have my TV-AM egg cup, and the only other egg cup is a vintage flowery one! Seeing as he has a mug with soldiers on it (the kind in the red outfit and the big black hats, not camoflaged soldiers!) I decided this would go well with it. Lakeland sell them, and they even come with a little cutter that makes the toast into actual soldier shapes! I bought a little box of mini baubles in Paperchase, and also a big brown gift box that I am going to use to wrap up Mum's Christmas gift. Lastly, a tiny bottle of red nail polish, because really, you can never have too many! Later this evening I will be watching Spooks and painting my toes red!

I have been busy crocheting for Christmas, and still have a few cards left to make...I am off to Bury St Edmund's Christmas Fayre on Saturday with Mum, and am really looking forward to a hot chocolate laced with Baileys while I am there. I have done quite a lot of shopping, but I feel like I have quite a way to go. Still, I don't feel stressed at all, so that is good!

Our organic veggie box was delivered while I was out...I know that it sounds silly, but opening it really is like opening a treasure chest. Everything looks so tasty and lush, and seasonal. It makes me feel very River Cottagey! Tonight I am going to cook some white fish in a little parsley sauce, which I will serve with some creamy mashed potatoes and broccoli. Then tomorrow we will be having vegetable soup, and supper on Friday will be potted crab on walnut and cheese bread with a wintery salad. I feel hungry just thinking about it! Just as well satsuma season is here, as they are my favourite fruit of all!

This has been quite a long catch up...I do hope your tea has not gone cold! Just a few other little thoughts, while they are in my mind...I have been stitching felt robins for decorations. I think I might do a little tutorial on them. They are ever so simple, but look rather sweet. Cath Kidston are selling something similary for £12 for 3, and I have made about 8 for £3! My gift wrapping scheme this year is going to center around brown paper and bright red. I plan to wrap gifts first in either red tissue paper or red sparkly paper, then wrap over the top of that in brown paper, then tie a bright red ribbon on. I have also bought some slightly darker than brown paper paper, which has white polka dots on it. It is a slightly Scandinavian flavoured style, mixed with Country Living style.

It has been so lovely to catch up...wherever you are, I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon!



Nita in South Carolina said...

Hello, Mimi! Your menus sound delicious, especially the crab on walnut and cheese bread! Here in the US we are preparing for our Thanksgiving Day tomorrow - a frenzy of food shopping and cooking and anxiously awaiting out of town family members. (My brother and his lovely wife are expecting their first child in the spring, and we are having to keep my mother from buying every baby item she sees--my two are teenagers and she misses buying clothes for little ones). Tomorrow will be eating and talking and laughing and maybe taking a walk if the weather turns nicer. Have a happy week, Mimi. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Someday I will save my pennies and visit England.

Avalon76 said...

If this is the book by Irving Shulman, just know nothing in the book is true. He profited over dragging poor Jean's memory through the mud.

For an accurate bio (and a hell of a good read besides), go with David Stenn's "Bombshell: The Life and Death of Jean Harlow" or Eve Golden's "Platinum Girl: The Life and Legends of Jean Harlow".

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your relaxing!

Jen from Silent Stanzas ^_^

Dinah Soar said...

I agree with Nita..your menus do sound wonderful, and I too took a special interest in the crab on walnut and cheese bread.

The egg cup you got for Husband sounds adorable, and a cutter for soldier shaped toasts?!! neat.

Your whole life sounds inviting and it gives me pleasure to read about it, so again, thank you for taking the time to share.

I had an opportunity to visit England when my baby sis lived in London for about 3 years, not long ago..but I don't fly--claustrophobia issues--sadly I'll never get to visit a country I am so fond of and feel such a kinship with..a friend suggested going by ship..but I am fearful of the water as well..I'm fine on a lake or river..but on the ocean...not.

Please do a tutorial on the felt robins you are making time permitting. I'd love to see it, as well your cards and Christmas wrapping. Where, my dear, do you find the time to do so much?