Friday, 27 November 2009

Cold and Bright

These days, it seems that I stir awake before the day does, and when I go out to work, the morning is still hazy and smudgy, as though it is a parcel still wrapped in tissue paper, waiting to be undone. When I come home at night, the day has been wrapped in a soft but cold blanket of night; the sky is inky dark, my breath hovers on the air in front of me, and the cold prickles at my nose. A thin sharp slice of moon is luminous in the sky and lights my way home.

There is a quiet kind of hush in my mind. I crave home and my home comforts. Being out at lunch time is good for me, as I get fresh air in my lungs and daylight on my skin, but I must learn not to go out into the town. I made that mistake today- I had to buy a birthday present, and visit another couple of shops. I had not brought lunch with me, so I needed to get that too. I felt so harried and hurried and hunted. I got the gift, but lunch was so hard...everywhere I went there were long queues or loud crowds, and when I eventually got back to work with a sandwich, the staffroom was heaving with people. Sometimes, I just need to be alone, away and quiet. I think that next time, I will take my walk in the park, and sit and watch a tree shiver away its last leaves, instead.

This is only a little post to say hello, because I need to be in bed before it is much later. Tomorrow, to Bury St Edmunds for the Christmas Fayre, and adventures there!

Goodnight, wherever you are! Don't forget to blast your sheets with the hairdryer before slipping between the covers!



Dinah Soar said...

I too hate to be hurried and harried at lunch time..trying to eat while under stress is not so beneficial to the body is it..nor the spirit.

The Christmas Fayre (I love that spelling!!--as a child, when I learned phonics, I was taught that the vowels were "a,e,i,o,u, sometimes y--which 'says' 'i'--and w"...however it is rare here in the states to use 'y' as an 'i'...I think it looks elegant and prefer it though.

Please do tell us about the Christmas Fayre if you have the time.

I have finally gotten round to embroidering a tea towel--with a Christmas "ho ho ho"..the middle 'o' is a peppermint candy..I found the pattern and instructions online...I still plan to do my initials on a tea towel as you suggested.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Have a lovely Christmas Mimi! Lots of Love TVK x