Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hello There..

Normally when I have been away for so long, I breeze back in with with tales of adventures and other such lovelinesses which have been taking up my time. Alas, this time, I have sadder news.

The last few weeks have not been without their charms, and I do indeed have some scrumptious things to relate, but they have been overshadowed by a death and a hospital visit.

Carl's Grandad was taken ill a few months ago, whilst on holiday in Thailand. He had an emergency operation on a brain tumour there, and when he was well enough to travel, returned home where they discovered a secondary tumour, which they thought was benign, and that he may have a year or even more left to him. Sadly it is so hard to be accurate with these things, and a week ago Monday we were told to get to the hospital if we wanted a chance to say goodbye.

I am glad that we were there, because he did indeed die that night, just after we got home. It was terrible though. I have never seen anyone so ill, and even worse, heard breathing so painful and laboured. In a way I hope I never do again, because it is hideous to have to sit passively through such suffering, but then again, knowing we were there for him and one another was very special.

The worst thing is that we do not yet know when the funeral will be because of the operation in Thailand- the coroner is involved. I think it will be easier in a way, once we know when. Even whenthings are bad, it is easier to cope when you know what your situation is- it is the not knowing that is difficult.

Then, on Friday, Dad was taken in to hospital with heart pains. He has had heart operations before, and it looks very much as though he will need another. The good thing is that in himself, he feels well, and is very bright. Again, we are waiting though. The specialist needs to see him to decide if he is having an operation, and when. I feel like so much is unknown at the moment.

But, as I said, the last few weeks have not been all sadness. I have tales for you of marzipan acorns, adventures at the sewing machine, walks in autumn mists, and other such lovely things. So, put the kettle on, and lets catch up.



fairycakegirl said...

Oh poor Carl, it's so sad when one loses their grandparents. I have only one gran left and lost my two papas when I was a wee girl. My thoughts are with you both

The Vintage Kitten said...

Im very sorry to read about Carls Grandad, please do pass on my condolenses. A good friend of my Aunts died last week from a brain tumour, there was only 6 weeks from diagnosis to her passing so it has been a shock, she was a lovely lady. I hope your dad is feeling better soon. Its good news he is feeling well within himself. I will keep my fingers crossed that he wont need an operation X