Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Skinny French Kitchen

I mentioned that my copy of The Skinny French Kitchen had arrived, didn't I? Well I have had a cursory flick through it, decided it looks delightful, from a the writing to the styling to the recipes, and as a result it is much too nice to not absorb properly. So, I resolved to put it to one side until I can really read it properly. Which doesn't explain why there are wonderful smells coming from my kitchen! There is a Coq Au Vin Blanc bubbling away, Skinny Mashed Potatoes boiling, and Creme Caramel cooling on the windowsill! This morning before work I remembered that we have a friend coming for tea, and I had no idea what to make him. I thought I would have just a little flick and see if there was anything suitable in the book, and there was so much I wanted to make! I was torn between not reading the recipe titles so they would still be a surprise when I read the book properly and wanting to look at them all to choose the best thing to make tonight! I think I managed to strike just about the right kind of balance! I had a Lakeland gift voucher for my birthday, and I exchanged it today for a potato ricer. I have wanted one for ages. they look like a giant garlic crusher, and work in exactly the same way, only they extrude your cooked potatoes instead of garlic, and by all accounts give the fluffiest mash ever. Ten minutes more and I can tie my pinny back on and go and find out if it lives up to its reputation! If you are thinking of adding to your own cook book collection, I can recommend The Skinny French Kitchen. I have had the most wonderful time in the kitchen, stirring and whisking and baking and boiling. It sounds a bit labour intensive to make coq au vin blanc, while making a custard for the creme caramels, and in fact making the caramel, but it is all so clearly explained you just kind of waltz through it. I think I must be having a French Phase at the moment! I am working through the Brocante Home Muse programme, and am trying to tune in to my 'inner Mimi' and I am beginning to think she may just talk with a hint of a French accent! I sat in the coffee shop earlier reading a book about French women while sipping an iced coffee, came home to cook my french dinner, and I have just ordered some French films from film flex! It has been a delightfully warm and sunny day today. The kind of day that is made for spring dresses and bare legs and a swish of your hair and a cool breeze. I hope it has been lovely for you too!


Dinahsoar said...

I love a new book especially new cookbooks or home decor books. Like you I too especially like France. Do you read Corey Amaro's blog Tongue in Cheek? She is an American who married a Frenchman--boy at the time--and moved there. She posts wonderful pictures and details about life in France. Right now she and husband are in China visiting daughter studying there, so lots of pics of China as well as Viet Nam which was a stop on the way. But most of the time her blog is France and brocante--she deals in brocante and shares that love too.

Jackie said...

Oh Mimi,

You are such a bad influence!

I have a cookbook compulsion at the best of times, and you keep recommending ones I haven't come across before.

Hence, the list gets longer....!

Enjoy the sunshine,