Monday, 11 April 2011

Something Fishy Afoot!

Well it was the most wonderful combination of circumstances this weekend...the sun was shining, it was my Saturday off, and Carl did not have to work! We had a vague idea of what we wanted to do with our Saturday, and it was just the right mix of plan and impulse. We walked into town holding hands in the sunshine, and suddenly noticed a crowd around a shop window. Ever one to be curious, I wandered over for a peek. What do you think, but a floatation spa and fish pedicure shop had opened! I had heard about fish pedicures before, and found the idea a little weird, but seeing the little fishies swimming about in their tank, I decided we should seize the day, and five minutes later, we were both sitting there with the little fishies swimming about and bubbling at our toes! The closest I can describe the sensation is as the bubbles of champagne feel on your tongue, that is how the fish feel on your feet. They were lovely and smooth afterwards, and gave us plenty to talk about! After that we continued into town, dropped off some forms with our new letting agents, and breathed a big sigh of relief to hear that the flat is definitely ours from the end of the month! All references and checks were fine! Hurrah! Then we had lunch, and from there on to the cinema, where we used up some gift vouchers and saw not one but two films! The first was Limitless and the second Source Code. I did enjoy them both, but also found myself wishing I had a vintage cinema, with usherettes, and old fashioned films! Home tired but happy!

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